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Academic Writing Tools and How To Use Them

It would appear that academic article writing and research article writing are both challenging for beginners. This is because academic writing involves fundamental knowledge of the English language, such as syntax, tense, and the ordering of sections within an essay. As a result, this situation has arisen. For example, in an abstract, the present tense is almost always used; however, the present perfect tense should be used in an introduction and background information, and the past tense is used when describing the results of an experiment.

Some people are unable to understand what the writing project requires of them, while others cannot comprehend the essay prompt given to them. Additionally, some students are saddled with excessive homework, while others cannot collect material from genuine and trustworthy sources due to a lack of knowledge. Therefore, due to these factors, academic writing projects become rather complex and challenging for pupils. As a result, most opt to seek assistance when writing their essays. Most students think that the teams of skilled and eager writers who work for paper writing services can help them with the essays they must write for school.


In addition to receiving assistance from a professional writer, students may also combat the difficulties of essay writing or address the concerns of paper writing by utilizing the appropriate resources. These tools are helpful throughout the entire process of writing an essay since they assist in all of the many stages of the essay writing process, including pre-writing, research, writing, rewriting, and editing. As a student, you could face difficulties at any one of these stages or even during the entirety of the process. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you utilize the appropriate instruments to simplify the writing process and enable you to take pleasure in the activity. In the end, you are doing this will teach you how to improve your writing skills, enabling you to improve your overall academic achievement. Consider using the following academic resources to make writing essays much easier and less stressful.


The Most Valuable Resources Available for Writing Academic Papers


Ernest Hemingway’s Editor


Another online resource for editing papers is Hemingway, which may be accessed via the internet. It is not necessary to download it for you to utilize it. It is a reliable tool that assigns you a ranking based on how easily others may understand your work. In addition to this, it offers guidance on how to improve the sentences that are now in your paper. Your work will be looked over to find hard-to-read sentences, passive voices, and adverbs,wpc 2027 dashboard which will be pointed out to you.


Google Docs 

Google Docs is an online editing tool that allows you and another person to make changes to the same document simultaneously or at different times. For example, you may be rewriting or composing your essay while someone else is checking it and removing any errors found on separate devices. Because of the time-saving potential of this app, you won’t need to stress about whether you’ll be able to hand in your work on time.



The name of this powerful online writing tool, FocusWriter, hints at what it may do for you: it assists you in filtering off distractions while you are handling your projects. Because of how it was constructed, it enables you to eliminate distractions that prevent you from concentrating on finishing your work. Using FocusWriter, you can conceal the appearance of other tools and modify how the text appears on the screen. In addition, it can also monitor how far you’ve gotten in your writing.




Evernote is a revolutionary program for writing papers that reduces the amount of stress associated with a student’s academic life. This is a popular and effective tool that you may use to organize your work and jot down notes. You can save thoughts, images, and quotes from a particular moment in time to Evernote so that you can refer to them later. It is an effective research tool that you may use to arrange many forms of content, such as location images, overheard dialogue snippets, PDF scanned documents and other thoughts or ideas that may come to your head while you are out and about. The Evernote app is available for free. As a result, you can utilize it to create individualized notes and checklists. When it comes to doing research, this software is significantly more helpful. Therefore, you need assistance with academic writing to ensure everything is organized correctly.




You may find almost any answer you’re looking for on the internet. However, academic institutions frequently require that you refer to papers and books rather than blogs written by random individuals because they are seen as more reputable sources of information. Before books and journals can be given to readers, authors and editors must spend years conducting research, which respected publishers oversee. Therefore, you might need to consult these books to answer queries for some of your academic assignments. In an ideal world, you would be required to purchase some of these books, most of which are typically hidden behind a paywall.


On the other hand, using Scribd may have access to millions of books and periodicals for a fraction of the price. Scribd is a digital library that offers millions of scholarly books and articles to its users online. If you pay a reasonable monthly subscription fee, you can rent digital books and use them to complete the tasks.