Apple's October Event

Significance Of Apple’s October Event for Businesses

As enterprises are increasingly digitized, Apple products are becoming popular among businesses. Today 55% of enterprises use Mac and iPad devices, and companies are switching to Apple products because of their security features. In addition, pandemics notably accelerated existing trends to work remotely. As a result, the percentage of businesses relying on Apple products is increasing. Every year Apple tech launch event is one of the most anticipated ones. Enterprises wait for Apple events to keep themselves updated with Apple’s new products and software.

Apple had just announced the new iPhone 14 series in its last event, which was held on September 7. In 2022 Apple held two “in-person” events at its Apple Park campus, and there were strong rumors about the further launch of Apple products. In addition, as you might know, Apple often held events in October to announce new Macs and iPads. Therefore, it is expected to host another event in October with plans to unveil a host of new devices. In addition, the launch of iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura will likely arrive this month. Therefore this event is of significant importance to business leaders. The businesses that want to invest in Macs and iPads are looking forward to Apple’s new announcements.

Macs and iPads with a Better processor

Apple announces new Macs and iPads in October events over the years. It matters to businesses because, with new launches, enterprises can upgrade their systems and benefit from up-to-date integrations and experiences, making them more efficient. This October, Apple might announce the release of a new Macbook pro and a new iPad pro range equipped with an M2 processor, making it harmonious with the Mac. However, the design will remain the same. The new iPad models will have some design changes with wireless charging capabilities. Apple narrows the gap between Mac and iPad by making the Apple iPad a viable pc replacement for many tasks. The fact that the best iPads will have the same processor as Macs highlight both systems’ correlative nature.

Business users, in particular, will be more comfortable working with an iPad outside their homes. In addition, the new M2 Pro and M2 max chips will boost performance and make them more computationally capable than previous Pros. It is also expected that Apple will release a new operating system for both Mac and iPad.

Business appeal

Integrating Apple’s tablets, computers, and mobile devices is a genuine attraction for business users. Moreover, Apple’s clear and consistent strategy to craft its chips enables the company to build a distinguishing feature based on processor speed. It gives Apple a competitive edge over its competitors, i.e., Intel, IBM, or Motorola, as Apple will have complete control of processor production. Apple’s ability to optimize its systems to a level competitors can’t easily match is also a real draw for enterprise purchasers. In addition, business users considering a switch will see the company’s commitment to its platform. For them, there is a future road map for development as Apple is expected to move its platform of processors to 3nm chips.

Annual software upgrades

Every year Apple announces software updates of Mac and iPadOS in October. In 2022, Apple announced macOS 13 Ventura and iPadOS 16 release dates, which are the operating system for Mac and iPad. These two software updates matter to business which is set to arrive on October 24, 2022. As you know, Apple provides regular software upgrades that provide a strong sense of security to companies considering upgrades. In that way, Apple provides a robust enterprise-supporting system, including a thriving MDM market.

Employee preferences

It matters to businesses, particularly when employees want to choose Apple’s technologies if given a choice. There was a rapid expansion in Apple mac deployment after the pandemic as the employees prefer remote working. But remote working brings security challenges on which Apple puts a lot of focus. Apple gets a lot of improved features in software updates to meet these security challenges. It also improves Mac’s ability to protect itself from malware with powerful self diagnose and malware-checking tools.


That’s why business leaders will be interested in what Apple announces next at this event, as enterprises are thinking about how these technologies can work for them.