Best Compact Cameras in 2022 for Beginners to Professionals

Even as an expert photographer, I’m always looking for quality in this series of compact cameras digicam to hold around every day. I love the benefit of getting a pocket digicam, equipped to seize an incredible picture of something I come upon. I also find myself the use of them more at domestic, around youngsters.

Like everybody else, I nonetheless take bizarre snap-shot on my iPhone, however, that is commonly only for ‘throwaway’ snapshots or things I need to fast percentage on social media.

Despite the advances in smartphone cameras in recent years, a handful of compact cameras are nonetheless higher with regard to taking pictures.

Whether that’s the capacity to shoot in RAW, longer zooms, faster operation, higher low-mild abilities, or genuinely higher ergonomics, there are nevertheless lots of appropriate motives to invest in one of the great compact cameras in this listing.

To hold matters easy, we’ve selected 5 notable constant-lens compact cameras (rather than people with interchangeable lenses, which tend to be bulkier), that will help you get beautiful pics in all conditions.

All the options are over $500 – spending much less isn’t encouraged in case you need better images than your contemporary cellphone can take. That stated we include one budget compact camera in our hints too.

What is the Best Compact Camera in 2022?

1. Fujifilm X100V electronic viewfinder


  • Sharp, speedy lens
  • X-Trans IV sensor
  • Highly customizable
  • In-lens ND filter
  • Great tilting touchscreen
  • Compact, stunning design
  • 17 film simulations


  • Poor grip
  • No twin card slot
  • Limited climate sealing

This small digital camera is the only one that started my craze for constant-lens compact cameras… and I’m guessing that’s real for plenty of photographers obtainable.

As with beyond iterations of the X100 series, the X100V fixed 23mm f/2 makes a splendid journey lens, and a way to a broad variety of upgrades, its talents put it up there with the Fuji flagship fashions.

For those of you who nevertheless haven’t heard about this notable X-Series camera, allow’s have a closer take look at why it’s still my preferred pocket camera of the year.

Image first-rate needs to be the pinnacle of the listing whilst learning cameras. If the very last picture doesn’t appear drastically higher than a photograph inquisitive about your cellphone, there’s a little factor in wasting your money on a devoted camera.

2. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II cost for cash


  • Great photo pleasant
  • A fast lens (f/1.8)
  • Fast burst capturing
  • Great ergonomics
  • Great zoom (24-100mm Equiv.)
  • Fast startup time
  • Built-in ND filter out
  • Tilting LCD touchscreen
  • Responsive/fast managing


  • Sub-par battery life
  • No monitoring in burst mode
  • Small buffer
  • Unreliable metering in a few modes
  • Limited movie alternatives (no 4k video)

The highly popular Canon Powershot collection attracts many photographers of all standards, due in particular to the promise of remarkable picture high-quality, the fabled Canon colorings, and beneficial capabilities trickled down from their pro-line, inquisitive about at attractive prices.

With the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II, Canon has made a large improvement over the primary iteration, with a number of exquisite features, and still managed to hold the rate exceptional and coffee – that’s why it’s still our choice as the fine price range compact digital camera of the yr.

(There’s also the newer G7X Mark III which is a terrific pocket camera too, however prices $2 hundred extra than the mark II.)

The design stays largely unchanged from its predecessor, with the most excellent addition (as a minimum for me, with my big fingers and clumsy palms!), being the new grip, which is molded, tactile, and perfectly placed at the front and rear of the frame.

Due to the pocketable dimensions of the Canon G7X Mark II, the grip is a welcome addition and makes for an at-ease capturing revel in, no longer to say plenty greater safety while protecting it with one hand for long durations.

3. Sony RX1R II photographs nice


  • Great dynamic variety
  • Great ISO performance
  • Good ergonomics
  • Amazing element (forty-two. 4MP!)
  • Excellent construct best
  • Tilting LCD
  • Good customization alternatives
  • Good macro characteristic
  • Beautiful bokeh


  • Poor battery life
  • Expensive
  • Sluggish overall performance
  • No touchscreen
  • No climate sealing

As such, it’s a digicam you can slip into a coat pocket that offers unrivaled image excellent – superbly creamy shallow depth of area.

Tremendous dynamic variety for improved latitude when post-processing, wonderful excessive ISO overall performance… essentially terrific photo pleasant that’s advanced to ninety nine% of different cameras in its size magnificence.

You do pay a pretty rate for the Sony RX1 RII, even though. Squeezing a big sensor into a small digicam body naturally still charges a lot for producers, and due to the character of the sensor size, the lens needs to be a certain size to deal with – at the same time as small, this isn’t a digital camera in your denim pocket.

You can buy an extra function-rich, versatile complete-body interchangeable lens digicam just like the Sony a7III for the charge of the RX1 RII, and also have a few changes to your pocket for a new lens… so why might you invest in this one?

Best Compact Cameras: Final Recommendations

I thoroughly loved my time shooting all of the cameras used in this guide. There’s something about having a digicam that’s small/mild sufficient to have on you every day that I find endearing – I love the feeling of having a successful tool to capture all of existence’s valuable moments.

Buying a compact camera is an investment, however rightfully so – without spending as it should be, you’ll best be left with something that’s as proper as, or potentially worse at taking pictures a picture than your cellphone.

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