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Top Six Ghostwriting Services That Offer Great Value For Your Money

Ghostwriting is a massive part of the IT industry and one of the premium fields. Around the world, many traditional and online agencies provide professional writing services because only some have the skills to write. And most people have skills but don’t have time to write their content.

Ghostwriting has numerous types of services, including, Business Writing, SEO Content Writing, Medical Writing, Nonfiction Writing, Fiction Writing, Children Book Writing, and many other types of professional ghostwriting.

Nowadays, finding a ghostwriter is easy because there are many platforms where you can quickly get expert writing services; which one do you need to hire? In this article, I will share a list of top-ranked online agencies to help you recognize the best platform where you get professional, cost-effective ghostwriting services.

What is ghostwriting?

To write their novels, authors use ghostwriters. Accordingly, to traditional publishing houses, approximately 60% of ghostwriters publish books. Ghostwriters are frequently employed by publishing houses as well, particularly for franchises.

According to current trends, business owners who want to create a book as a product for their company often work with ghostwriters. Ghostwriting is the finest industry to engage your targeted audience and boost your brand growth.

Top Six Ghostwriting Agencies

Freelance Ghostwriting Services. 

Freelance is an excellent way to get professional ghostwriting services. Last four and five years, more and more people have loved to work with freelance sites because of their quality work and the vast collection of writers.

Hiring from a freelance platform has many benefits. No go-between you and the writer; that was a brilliant benefit of freelance platforms such as Fiver, Upwork, and many other experienced platforms for seekers and providers.

The Urban Writers

Although humans are skilled storytellers, they all write at different levels. The Urban Writers provides ghostwriting services for people with great ideas who lack the time, talent, or both to write independently.

The Urban Writers is one of the best US-based agencies to get top-notch ghostwriting services. They offer almost ghostwriting types and many other professional services, including Publishing, Editing, Proofreading, and translation into various languages.

American Writers Group claims that they are a one-stop ghostwriter’s shop where you get professional ghostwriting services. Such as Biography Writing, Children Book Writing, Memoir Writing, Nonfiction Writing, Fiction Writing, and other various types of expert ghostwriters.

Book Writing Inc.

It belongs to the group of US-based ghostwriting businesses. It has provided book publishing and writing services for more than ten years. Being a reputable publishing house, the industry has finished numerous projects and released various books, earning it a spot on the list of top ghostwriting companies.

They offer qualified ghostwriters for hire and handle the entire process from writing to final publication. They would do extensive editing and revising of their work. Their advantage is that they continuously inform clients about the work being done as part of an “On-call service.”

Octa Ghostwriters.  

Octa Ghostwriters is another excellent agency engaging your target audience with its high-quality ghostwriting services. They are determined to provide professional services for their customers and work before the deadline for client satisfaction. Octa Ghostwriters specialty is that they provide excellent work at an affordable price, and it is a massive initiative for more and more people who love to work with them.

Around the world, many online and traditional agencies offer to ghostwrite, but not all provide ‘professional’ ghostwriting services. Octa Ghostwriters is one of them that offers extraordinary benefits and boosts your business growth with their most experienced ghostwriter.

Ghost Book Writers. 

Ghost Book Writers is a house of expert ghostwriters qualified to make you a successful author with the help of their creativity and expertise. Ghost Book Writers diversified a group of writers, editors, marketers, book illustration services, and other services to help you reach your target audience and brand goals. Ghost Book Writers is passionate about delivering quality work according to client expectations; they are handling more than hundreds of ghostwriting projects effectively.

Ghost Book Writers is there for you every step of the way as you write your book. They offer first-rate ghostwriting, editing, publishing, and marketing services to simplify writing and assist you in overcoming significant obstacles on your path to success.

Ghostwriting LLC.  

It is a prestigious ghostwriting service located abroad that has gained recognition for its outstanding services to the writing community. The business publishes books in addition to being able to deliver exceptional results. They distinguish themselves and are reliable due to their thorough research, reasonable fees, and privacy policies.

Worldwide, countless authors turn to LLCs to complete their visionary works. A skilled staff of writers and editors creates content while adhering to the author’s terms and is patient while providing advice throughout the project. Fiction and nonfiction fall under their specialty fields, including subgenres like sci-fi, adventure, politics, religion, history, finance, etc. Websites like and Barnes & Noble also sell printed books and e-books.


Ghostwriting is the very oldest invention but is still a much-needed field worldwide. Unfortunately, even among many ghostwriters, people need help finding professional ghostwriting agencies. After reading the article, I hope you understand which agency does professional work and offers excellent value for your money because I explained top-ranked agencies in this article.


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