Colombia, formally the Republic of Colombia, Spanish Repubblica de Colombia, is rustic in northwestern South America. To the north, its 1,000 miles (1, six hundred km) of coast is bathed through the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and to the west, its 800 miles (1, three hundred km) of coasts are washed by the Pacific Ocean. U. S . Is bordered by way of Panama, which is divided to the northwest with the aid of two bodies of water, to the east via Venezuela and Brazil, and to the south using Peru and Ecuador. It is extra than two times the dimensions of France and includes the San Andrés y Providencia archipelago, located off the Nicaraguan coast inside the Caribbean, about 400 miles (650 km) northwest of the Colombian mainland. The population is focused on the mountainous indoors, in which Bogotá, the national capital, is located on an excessive plateau inside the northern Andes Mountains. Click here


The simplest American kingdom to be named after Christopher Columbus, the “discoverer” of the New World, Colombia gives a splendid observation of the contrasts in both its geography and its society. The high snow-capped peaks of the united states indoors Cordilleras tower above equatorial forests and savannas wherein surviving indigenous companies still comply with the life paths and traditions of their ancestors. In the bloodless mountains, at intermediate elevations, cutting-edge towns are intertwined with traditional rural landscapes where mestizo farmers cultivate their small plots of coffee, maize (maize), and different crops. The greater on-hand Atlantic lowland, dominated by using huge cattle hacienda and a tri-ethnic populace, has a particularly wonderful person.

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Colombia strongly displays its history as a colony of Spain. It is frequently known as the most Roman Catholic of South American international locations, and most of its humans take delight in the relative purity of their Spanish language. Its populace is closely mestizo (of combined European and indigenous ancestry), with good-sized minorities of European and African ancestry. The economic system has traditionally been based totally on agriculture, especially the manufacturing of espresso, and result, however, industries and offerings are growing in significance. Colombia is the maximum populous united states in Spanish-speak South America. More than a 3rd of its citizens live within the six biggest metropolitan areas, of which Bogota is the largest. The kingdom’s political instability has traditionally been related to unequal distribution of wealth, and the unlawful alternative in drugs (in particular cocaine) remains a first-rate disruptive factor in Colombian life.



Few nations boast such tremendous physical variety as Colombia does. Its damaged, rugged topography, with its vicinity close to the equator, produces an extremely good diversity of climates, flowers, soils, and plants. The Andean Cordillera, one of the global’s terrific mountain levels, dominates the landscape of the western part of the USA, where the general public lives. North of the border with Ecuador, the Cordillera stretches into 3 awesome parallel levels. Two tremendous river valleys, the Magdalena and the Caca’s separate them and offer entry routes from the Atlantic coastal lowlands to the center of us of a. Volcanic interest in the geologic past blocked the center direction of the Cauca River to form the Great Lakes, which once filled the Western Inter-Andean Trough for approximately The river ultimately broke thru the dam and left the Kaka Valley ground at an elevation of about 3,000 toes (900 m) above sea stage; Today it is one of the maximum productive agricultural regions in the united states of America.


The Colombian Cordillera belongs to the northern part of the amazing Andean mountain gadget, which extends along the Pacific coast of South America. The Andes are most of the youngest mountain stages within the globe and are many of the highest mountain levels. The geologic history of this northern place is less well understood than that of the crucial and southern elements. It is obvious, however, that the entire Cordillera has been subducted thru the subduction of the eroded eastern margin of the Nazca Plate and, to the north, the Caribbean Plate has been pushed beneath the greater rigid but lighter South American Plate, which has been pressured westward. From the spreading Atlantic sea level. 


These tectonic forces, similar to those located somewhere else across the Pacific Rim, keep performing, as evidenced with the aid of the high frequency of frequent adverse earthquakes. In the Pasto Massif near the Ecuadorian border, the mountains cut up into the Cordillera Occidental (“Western Range”), which runs parallel to the Pacific coast, and the Cordillera Central (“Central Range”), which, with its many volcanoes, is in Colombia. Forms the backbone of the machine and runs commonly from southwest to northeast. In the Great Colombian Massif of the Cordillera Central, near the San Agustin Archaeological Park, the Cordillera Oriental (“Eastern Range”) branches off in a more definite northeastern route.