Fantastic Dallas Restaurants for Fried Chicken

It’s true that if you’re a fan of fried chicken, you can find plenty of places where you can find excellent chicken at reasonably affordable prices. There’s always Popeyes, where the chicken sandwich is simply legendary and where you can get real chicken nuggets.

But when you’re in Dallas, you might not even remember that there’s such a concept as fast-food chicken. Even if you’re just visiting the city, make sure you include the following restaurants in your itinerary if you’re truly a fan of fried chicken:

Rudy’s Chicken

You’ll find this place on S Lancaster Road in South Dallas. There’s always a line here, but your patience will be rewarded. And cards aren’t honored here, so bring cash.

Why your money gets you is fried chicken that’s so delicious you’ll imagine yourself lining up for this treat again and again. These aren’t quite healthy, as they’re all gloriously greasy, but they’re never ever soggy and always perfectly seasoned.

Brick & Bones

You should try out the fried chicken in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. After savoring the fried chicken at Brick & Bones, you can enjoy the eccentric art galleries, vibrant street murals, and the live music.

But you might want to really savor the chicken here at Brick & Bones. Whether you go with the bone-in or the tenders, they’re all brined for 24 hours. This makes the chicken really juicy, and then they batter the chicken and serve all the pieces in a bucket. Get your chicken with a waffle or some rice, and you’re all set.

You should also try out the so-called “sexy chicken”. It’s deep-fried without batter, before it’s tossed in Nashville-style hot chicken oil.

Yardbird Table & Bar

This is a relatively new place in Uptown Dallas, as it was only in 2020 when it started serving its version of Southern comfort food. The folks who run the place really takes their chicken seriously, while the atmosphere is quite fancy.

Dress in some nice clothes, and get the half bird with hot honey. The chicken and waffles are also fantastic.

The Slow Bone

The restaurant’s chef Jeffrey Hoobs is another one of those masters who take chicken preparation to rather fantastic levels. He starts by smoking a pan of water for the brine, and then letting the chicken chill overnight. He then deep fries the chicken to crunchy greatness, and you just sit back and enjoy.

Darkoo’s Chicken Shack

It’s true that the main stars in this joint are the Lao-influenced elotes and sake juice boxes. But the chicken here is out of this world good, as the flavor is influenced by both Laotian and Japanese cuisine. Try the Hainanese chicken rice, Japanese karaage, and the Lao Gai, along with the 24-hour brined fried chicken.

Mike’s Chicken

Okay, so the name isn’t quite extraordinary. But the place on Maple Avenue became so successful that they opened another Mike’s on Forrest Lane in North Dallas.

The chicken is the undoubted reason for the success of the brand. It won’t matter if you’re getting the crisp, fried drumsticks, the wings, or the tenders. They’re all just good.

Try the 4-piece chicken tender combo which they serve with a selection of house-made dipping sauces. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try their Buffalo sauce which they infused with peanut butter. That seems like a crazy concoction, but it works.

Streets Fine Chicken

Yes, they also offer classic southern fried chicken here, but they come with a French-inspired twist. They have this “secret” concoction, in which they brine the chicken for 24 hours. Supposedly, this secret concoction has some herbes de provence and lemon, which may help explain the extreme juiciness of the chicken.

Pinulito Fried Chicken

If you’re in East Dallas, this is the restaurant to try for excellent fried chicken. In fact, aside from fried chicken, there’s really not much else in the menu. They just know what they’re good at, and that’s frying up some yummy, crispy, and salty fried chicken. They’re not distracted by anything else.

Bubba’s Cooks Country

Somehow, it feels simply expected that you’re getting fantastic fried chicken, when it’s prepared by a guy named Bubba. And that’s what you’re getting here, and that’s not just hype. In fact, it often exceeds lots of inflated expectations.

Try it here for lunch, and get the 3-piece chicken with a roll and a side dish. If you’re trying to keep it light, just stick to one—but with that taste, sticking to just one can be futile. It’s like eating a fantastic potato chip.

Celebration Restaurant

This place offers simple food, but they’re simply delicious. This place in W Lovers Ln. is just the place to get for your traditional plate of classic fried chicken. They just marinate the bird, bread the meat, and fry everything perfectly—there are no frills here!