How Rapid Can A Skateboard Go? Up To 91mph!

If you are bored with strolling everywhere in the place and searching out a faster way to get around the metropolis or maybe go to work, skateboarding can appear pretty tempting. One of the principal questions you might ask yourself whilst looking to buy a skateboard is, how rapid can I go?

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The common speed of a skateboard can be between 5-12 mph. This statistic consists of all types of terrain, abilities, and setups. A skilled skateboarder can frequently hit speeds of 8 mph and above. Longboards are faster than skateboards, with a mean speed of 8-10 mph whilst driven on a flat floor.

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Many elements can affect the common velocity of a skateboard, together with the revel in of the person driving, the terrain and surrounding region, the fabric of the board, and the dimensions of the wheel can all affect how rapid you may be capable of the skate.

How Speedy Is A Skateboard?

How fast you are capable of going depends on the using surface and your surroundings, your revel in and skill stage with skateboarding, as well as your normal skateboard setup (wheel diameter, bearings, weight). Below are a few actual-life examples of common skateboard speeds recorded and measured by actual skateboarders.

It is widely recognized that better satisfactory skateboards blended with more skilled riders and some downhills will common higher speeds than moderate to green skaters with decreased pleasant boards.

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The world file for the fastest pace carried out on a skateboard is 91.17 mph which turned performed in 2017 by Peter Connolly by using defeating Kyle Wester using a small margin.

How Fast Is a Longboard?

As the call suggests, a longboard differs from a skateboard because it’s far longer. A skateboard is normally 28-34 inches long and approximately 7-10 inches extensive. In evaluation, a longboard is typically 35-60 inches long and about nine-10 inches wide. The longer and wider your board, the easier it’s miles to balance yourself, making the longboard ideal for beginners.


Longboards are normally faster than skateboards because of their large wheelbase (the distance among vans) and large wheels. The average cruising speed for longboards is between 6-14 mph. When driving downhill, longboards routinely achieve speeds of fifty-65 mph.

How rapid you may go on your longboard will depend upon your using style and skill, your fitness degree, which is related to your ability to push and pump, in addition to your weight, and what type of board you are driving. Are, the kind of slope, your tuck pace, and your ability to brake appropriately.

Downhill Longboarding

Downhill longboarding is for extreme adrenaline junkies this is all approximately high speed. Downhill lengthy-boarders aim to go as rapidly as feasible. Downhill skaters can fly down hills at speeds that mechanically reach 50–sixty-five mph.

Serious downhill riders are notably technical, committed, and accountable people who are obsessed with pace sports and want to push the limits without taking useless risks.


The fastest downhill longboarding speed ever recorded turned to 91.17 mph and changed accomplished on 16 September 2017 using Peter Connolly in Quebec, Canada.

A Way To Boom Your Pace

If you want to enhance your competencies and provoke your friends using increasing your pace, or perhaps you need to cut your journey time in half – there are a few matters you’ll need to appear out for.

The Impact Of Terrain On Your Average Skateboarding Pace

The floor of the surroundings you are driving in will extensively affect your common skateboarding velocity. Traveling on deteriorating urban roads and sidewalks can decrease your average velocity due to the fact you may have to stay away from each crevice and pothole—besides when you’re capable of soaring over them.

Bad roads, site visitors, curbs, and stairs can all significantly affect your average velocity in urban areas. You additionally want to be professional and sufficient to stop at stop signs and symptoms and traffic lights. Otherwise, it can be extraordinarily risky to accelerate without knowing how to gradual down sufficiently.


A skateboard commuter (person who stops at a visitor’s light) can travel a mile in approximately eight mins, commonly accomplishing a mean velocity of 7.Five mph. The number of uphills, apartments, and downhills for your direction will even have an impact on your average speed. The fall and rural areas are higher if you need to break your file time.

How Does Enjoyment Affect Your Common Skateboard Speed?

There is a right-away dating between your common skateboarding velocity and your talent or enjoyment level. When you start you commonly don’t stroll quicker than your strolling tempo. As you exercise and improve your abilities, you could get nearer and every so often overtake someone at bike velocity.


In dense urban areas with cracked and uneven pavement, you are using competencies, and reveling in the stage will have a far greater enormous effect on your pace. A greater skilled skateboarder can avoid or sidestep a few limitations readily. Your common skateboarding speed needs to boom to approximately d of one-2 mph. As your skills broaden.