How To Uninstall An Android Or Other App From Yours
How To Uninstall An Android Or Other App From Yours

How To Uninstall An Android Or Other App From Yours?

Chromebooks are first rate due to the fact they don’t require a huge tough pressure, however there are some times where this may be a difficulty as well. With present day Chromebooks being capable of set up a couple of apps from a couple of sources, they might replenish fast.

Currently, you may installation Android apps from the Google Play Store, Chrome apps, and Linux apps. So storage place can come to be a issue in no time. And with streaming services like Netflix so that you can down load your desired movies and shows for offline playback, you may be confronted with a tool that does not have sufficient space for the whole lot you want.

Luckily, it’s far smooth to uninstall Cash app you no longer use from your Chromebook, irrespective of wherein they got here from.

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How To Uninstall An Android App From Your Chromebook

For maximum users, Android apps from the Google Play Store are possibly to be the number one cause for releasing up space, so we are going to begin there.

If you’re using a Chromebook with a trackpad or mouse, -finger click on (trackpad) or right-click (mouse) on the same time because the mouse pointer is soaring over an app’s icon and then click on “Uninstall.”

If you are the usage of a Chrome OS tablet—or decide on the use of your Chromebook’s touchscreen—faucet and preserve the app’s icon, then faucet Uninstall.

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How To Uninstall The Chrome App From Your Chromebook

If your app comes from the Chrome Web Store, it’s also easy to remove. And in case you’re now not sure in which an app got here from, the device is similar to uninstalling an Android app.

If you’re the use of a Chromebook with a trackpad or mouse, -finger click on (trackpad) or proper-click on (mouse) the mouse pointer over an app’s icon and then choose out “Remove from Chrome.”

If you’re the use of a Chrome OS tablet—or pick using your Chromebook’s touchscreen—tap and maintain the app’s icon after which faucet “Remove from Chrome.”

Linux apps are the contemporary hotness for maximum Chromebook users, and uninstalling them is a chunk greater complex than with different types of apps.

Start by way of starting Terminal. Then, type the subsequent command (update app_name with the name of your app) and hit Enter:

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

If you do now not recognise a way to delete apps on Chromebook or different Chrome OS device. Don’t worry, right here you may discover a useful tutorial that assist you to delete apps on Chromebook.

There are many reasons why people need to uninstall or put off programs from their Chromebooks. Some humans do now not need to hold their data, in order that they either manufacturing facility reset the Chromebook or they delete the apps at the Chromebook.

Some human beings delete apps absolutely because they’re quick of reminiscence and need to use that area for one-of-a-kind tasks.

Here Is A Entire Manual That Will Help You Delete Apps On your Chromebook.

Step 1: Click at the Apps icon inside the top left nook.

Step 2: Find your app inside the listing and proper-click on on its icon.

Step three:- Select Remove from Chrome.

Step four :- Finally click on on Remove to verify which you need to get rid of the apps on Chromebook.

Alternative Method:- How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

Click on the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

Select More Tools.

 Select Extension.

On the extension web web page that looks, click on trash can iconv for the extension you want to remove.

If your extension appears as a button at the browser toolbar, you can additionally right-click on its icon and select out Remove from Chrome.

You also can temporarily disable the extension instead of putting off it completely. On the Extensions web page, deselect the “Enabled” checkbox for the extension.

Delete Apps On Chromebook To Save Storage Space

It’s commonplace to ship Chromebooks with simplest 64GB of garage, or maybe much less on finances fashions. This lack of garage encourages the tool owner to delete unused files and files now and again. Of the ones, apps are likely those with large footprints, and deleting them can unfastened up a few scarce garage vicinity.

Perfect, Chromebooks have some pre-set up apps which you in all likelihood in no way use and in all likelihood by no means will. Instead of leaving them unused, it’s miles usually higher to uninstall them.

And here are guides for deleting apps on Chromebook. These courses need to art work on each tablet mode and keyboard mode.

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How to Delete Apps on Your Chromebook

  1. Then increase Launcher view.

Expand – Save garage spaceHow to Delete Apps on Chromebook for Windows 7

three. You will see a menu of set up apps.

  1. T. On Enabled mode, tap and keep an app to show the context menu. For keyboard mode, preserve Alt and click concurrently. If you are the usage of a bodily mouse, use right-click. And then, choose out Uninstall.
  2. Select Uninstall once more to do away with it from the device.

Delete Apps Via Google Play Store

To see a whole list of apps on a Chromebook, the Google Play Store is the quality region to locate them due to the fact some apps are hidden from the launcher menu. Additionally, it shows how a whole lot size every app takes up and whether or not any new updates are to be had.

With the Play Store, you may additionally uninstall default apps like Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, and plenty of others., however it comes with some asterisks which I’ll provide an cause of later. For now, observe those steps to uninstall apps through Play Store.