Sim Administration Center
Sim Administration Center

Sim Administration Center?

If you already have an lively SIM card, you do no longer need a new SIM card for max telephones. If you do not have a Fi SIM but, you could order one from fi.Google.Com/signup.

Watch an academic on the manner to prompt Google Fi on an Android smartphone.

Important: Ignore the expiry date proven in your SIM card. Google Fi SIM cards don’t expire anymore.

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Insert Sim Card

If you have got one designed for Fi telephones, your SIM card tray is on the pinnacle left of your telephone. The eject button is inside the small hollow at the right aspect of the tray door.

Switch off your smartphone with the resource of keeping the Power button on the right fringe of the phone for three seconds.

On the left edge of your cellular telephone, find the small hollow and insert the SIM ejection device that came collectively with your phone or SIM card.

Firmly but gently, push until the tray comes out.

Remove the tray from your mobile phone. Gently, push the tray back into the slot in your smartphone.

Turn in your mobile phone by using urgent the Power button on the right edge of your cellular phone for 3 seconds.

Tip: If you are new to Google Fi, open the Google Fi app to complete your activation.

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Troubleshoot Sim Card Problems

If you insert your SIM card and your phone says “No SIM card”, put off your SIM. Make certain it’s far smooth and successfully positioned at the tray. Restart your device through preserving the Power button for 30 seconds.

Make sure your device is issuer-unlocked and like minded with Google Fi.

Double take a look at which you are the usage of a Google Fi SIM card.

If you’re shifting from every other provider, strive placing your preceding SIM card. If your phone recognizes it, but your Google Fi SIM does no longer, your smartphone may be issuer-locked. Contact your previous provider for more facts.

Installing and configuring SIM Manager and SIM Admin Center

This bankruptcy describes the manner to install and customise the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) SIM Manager and SIM Admin Center.

For records approximately the SIM supervisor and the SIM admin middle, see “About coping with the SIM card listing”.

Mandatory Configuration Obligations

Apart from installing SIM Manager software, you need to configure statistics in advance than the use of SIM Manager and SIM Admin Center.


You can perform the ones duties in any order, but you can want to have SIM Manager set up first.

You have to define and load community elements. (If you have got were given already set up Number Manager, you could have already completed so.) See “Creating a network detail”.

You ought to set the reputation of the SIM device. This requires  techniques: defining and loading the nation transition model, and loading the localized nation description. See “Customizing SIM card device states”.

You need to outline the SIM tool and company associations.

You ought to outline the SIM card codecs. See “Formatting a SIM card”.

If you pre-provision the SIM card, you have to specify the pre-provisioning provider. If you do not pre-provision the SIM card, you may want to change the kingdom of the SIM card tool. You must specify whether or not to pre-provision the SIM card, and in that case, to pre-provision the service.

You have to load the order_sim_status.Locale file. You use this document to localize the order reputation statistics in the SIM Admin Center. You nevertheless need to load this file if you do no longer run the localized version of SIM Admin Center. See “Loading Order Status Definitions”.

If you use Oracle Database, you should allow for encrypted fields. (By default, the KI rate is encrypted.) See “Supporting encrypted KI values ​​with Oracle”.

System Requirements

SIM Manager is supported on HP-UX IA64, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating structures. For statistics approximately the disk space necessities for those walking systems, see “Disk space necessities” inside the BRM set up manual.

SIM Admin Center is supported on Windows platform and about a hundred MB of disk region is needed to down load, extract and set up the software.


SIM Admin Center calls for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This SIM administration middle is covered in the bundle deal and is approximately 50 MB. If the JRE was already set up with every other BRM client software, it will not be established over again.

Software Requirements

Before putting in SIM Manager, you need to install:

Third-celebration software program, along with the PERL library and the JRE required to place inside the BRM components. See “Installing 1/3-celebration software” within the BRM set up manual.

BRM. See “Putting Your BRM System Together” in the BRM Installation Guide.

Oracle 10g or Oracle 11g.

Putting in sim admin center Before, you need to install:

BRM. See “Putting Your BRM System Together” in the BRM Installation Guide.

(Windows best) An utility which consist of WinZip to extract compressed documents.

To put in force SIM card provisioning, you want to have GSM Manager hooked up, in conjunction with wireless provisioning opcodes.

Installing Sim Manager On Unix


If you have got already established the product, pre-established capabilities can’t be reinstalled without uninstalling them first. To reinstall a function, uninstall it after which reinstall it.

To install SIM Manager on UNIX:

Download the software program to a brief list (temp_dir).


If you down load to a Windows pc, use FTP to duplicate the .Bin record to a brief listing for your UNIX server.

You need to growth the heap period utilized by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) before going for walks the installation application to avoid “out of memory” mistakes messages within the log document. For info, see “Increasing heap period to avoid ‘out of reminiscence’ mistakes messages” within the BRM installation guide.

Go to the listing in which you mounted the zero.33-birthday celebration package deal and deliver the supply.Me file.


You want to have supply.Me document with a purpose to hold with the set up, in any other case “Suitable JVM couldn’t be discovered” and exceptional mistakes messages appear.

Bash shell:

source source.Me.Sh

C shell:

supply supply.Me.Csh

Go to the temp_dir listing and enter this command:


wherein, platform is the decision of the going for walks machine.


To permit graphical patron interface (GUI) set up, install a GUI software collectively with X Windows and set the display environment variable before putting in the software program software.

Follow the instructions displayed during installation. The default set up listing for SIM Manager is determine/portal/7.Five.


If BRM or SIM Manager is already mounted at the machine and routinely installs the bundle to the BRM_Home location, the installation software does not prompt you for the installation listing.

Go to the listing in which you mounted the SIM Manager bundle deal and supply the deliver.Me file:

bash shell:

source source.Me.Sh

C shell:

source supply.Me.Csh

Go to the BRM_Home/setup listing and run the pin_setup script.