The Goechala Trek: A 9-day trek in Sikkim to discover


The northeastern state of Sikkim offers the best ambiance and aesthetics. The state has one of the most promising sightseeing and trekking destinations.

Positioned southeast of the third highest mountain, the Kanchenjunga is the Himalayan range mountain pass known as Goechala trek. It is a high mountain pass perched at 4940 mt or 16,207 ft. This beautiful pass is even printed on a Rs 100 note by the government of India. 

The pass is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic of all. The pass allows you to witness some of the most prominent Himalayan ranges, increasing the mesmerizing beauty. The eye-soothing view from this pass is splendid. The pass tends to be one of the most popular trekking and Camping destinations among tourists.

Best time to visit Goechala pass 

The Autumn season is best suited for tourists to travel to Goechala pass situated in Sikkim. The months from September to November are ideal for trekking along the Goechala pass situated amidst prominent ranges. This period offers the most panoramic views of snow-clad glaciers and mountains. At this time the weather is pleasant for the tourists to enjoy peace and tranquility. 

Trekking in Goechala pass

Trekking is a must-try activity for adventurous souls and people seeking tranquility. This is one of the oldest 10-day trekking destinations in the Himalayan range. The Goechala trek even offers an outstanding view of the third-highest mountain in India, the Kanchenjunga mountains, and other prominent Himalayan mountain ranges. Goechala trek for 10 days is the ultimate experience of adventurous activities and even offers the view of various summits across the way. 

The trail offers many exciting and beautiful locations such as the beautiful samiti lake, Thangshing, and the mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunsets from the top of Dzongri hills. Relish the natural beauty while trekking along the thick forests of Rhododendrons in Kanchenjunga National Park. The splendid view will revive your soul and mind. 

Beginning and end of the trek

The trek initiates with a drive from Bagdogra to Yuksom. Followed by the start of trekking from Yuksom to Sachen. Then going through various forests you come through Sachen to Tshoka via Bakhim. Trekkers get through a steep climb heeded by various trails passing from Tshoka to Dzongri via Phedang. Then the trekkers climb to Dzongri Top. Dzongri Top is perched at 13,670 ft, is the highest point from where you get a 180-degree panoramic view of the prominent peaks such as Kakthong, Rohtang, Kabru South, Kabru North, Kabru Dome, Kanchenjunga, Pandim, and the Lama Laminin peaks. Then the trekkers head to Dzongri to Thansing via Kokchurang. The longest day of your trek. The distance is lengthy, followed by a continuous ascent to reach the Samiti make which is the first viewpoint. 

In the same way, the trek comes to an end followed by some awe-inspiring destinations and eye-catching sites to capture memories for a lifetime.

The difficulty level of the trek

  The Goechala trek is considered to be a moderately difficult trek. The trekkers need to have a certain level of physical fitness to go for goechala trek. The terrains and steeper aligned paths will be difficult for amateurs. 

This trek is adventurous and best suited for adventure lovers. 

Highlights of the Goechala trek

Goechala is blessed with several destinations that will make you amazed. The beauty of the site will make you relaxed just at a glance. Some of the major attractions of the place include the three suspension bridges that the trekkers get the opportunity to pass, these include Pha Khola, Tshushay Khola, and Mentogang Khola –  through which the Prekchu river streams.

Trekkers get to see the dense forest at an altitude of 12000 feet. This forest is the best place to witness some exceptional flora and fauna and enjoy the relaxing sensation. 

Going through various places, you will come across the most peaceful destination which is a monastery at Thanks. When trekkers take a trail that goes out of the campsite and crosses a wooden bridge over a lake. They get to see a peaceful setting of a monastery. Trekkers will be most elated to find this monastery plonked into the Goechala trek. People searching for the best place for meditation and some solitude will surely love this place. 

At Thansing, you can relish camping by pitching a tent just at the foot of Mt. Pandim, right next to Prekchu. The location and the chilly environment will rejuvenate you from a hectic lifestyle. 

Passing through these places you get to witness some of the most contrasting changes in the atmosphere along the way that will make you mesmerized. 


Sikkim is a place of great indigenous culture and traditions. Trekking along the paths of Sikkim will be an exceptional experience for anyone. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Goechala trek offers the most enthralling and glorious destination to enjoy trekking along. The place will even satiate your desire for adventure and thrill. The journey is full of wonders that will make you speechless.