Top 5 Most Visited Websites in Philippines

When it comes to online shopping, it is not a surprise that the Philippines is one of the top eCommerce markets in the world. In fact, the number of online shoppers in the Philippines is estimated to reach 1,250,000 per month. Its success has spread not only to the Philippines, but to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

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The website is hosted in the Philippines and Indonesia. However, this does not mean that all people in these countries can sign up. Some countries have banned this site, so it isn’t legal for citizens to register there.

Despite the threat of censorship, Philippine internet users are free to publish their views and opinions. In June 2011, comScore increased its measurement of Internet users in the Philippines from 25,000 to 159,000. It reports on over 7,000 domains. Notably, comScore excludes adult sites. Only 16 out of the top 100 domains in the country are classified as XXX adult sites.

Social media is a very big part of Filipinos’ everyday lives. This is especially true for those ranging from 18 to 24 years of age, a demographic that is both energetic and outgoing. Filipinos use Facebook as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. They also use social media for business purposes, and for activism.

Facebook is free for Filipinos to use, but there are limitations to its usage. It is best used when a user has a good internet connection, which can be a good idea if they are using a mobile data connection. Its purpose is simple, and its features are clear cut and easy to understand. It was created to connect with friends and family. While it does sometimes stray from its core purpose, its users still adore the social media platform.

According to, YouTube is one of the top five most visited websites in the Philippines. It is used by over 300 million people each month. The website offers a variety of online entertainment content for Filipinos. Its social community is robust, with 11 million Likes and 24 million followers.

The website has an extensive user base across Asia and the United States. Its viewership in the United States has grown seven-fold from just over 125 billion views in 2013. Brazil and India have seen growth of about 25 times that of the United States. The number of videos viewed in Thailand, Brazil, and India is approaching 500 billion.

In the Philippines, is one of the most popular websites, with more than one billion monthly visits. Filipinos use the search engine to get information about the world, entertainment, and well-being. In lockdown situations, they even turn to the World Wide Web to find products they need.