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Top 5 Most Visited Websites in Philippines

There are numerous web properties in the Philippines. But few of them have surpassed the traffic of Zalora, a fashion shopping site run by Rocket Internet. The website was established in 2012, and it is estimated to have over a million visitors per month. Since then, it has expanded to other Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

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wpc 2025 dashboard login is a top sports news and entertainment website. With a volume of 1,924,486 visitors per year and two IP addresses, the website offers highlights of previous games and news about popular sporting events. The site is great for those who are not familiar with local sports and would like to find out what’s going on in the sport world. The website is also an excellent substitute for cable news services.

The site has undergone a complete makeover. Now, it offers a social network experience for registered users. It also includes information about upcoming events and news. The site also offers a mobile application to allow users to watch live games on the go. If you love watching sports, the site is definitely a worthwhile visit.

According to, the Philippines is home to 76 million users. More than half of those are active on social media. These Filipino users are divided into five age groups: 13-17 years, 18-24 years, and 25-34 years. Interestingly, they are also spread across many languages. Over half of their online conversations are in English, while Tagalog is the second most popular language at 35.3%. Other languages include Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese.

The government’s Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2011 has limited the ability of the Department of Justice to block content online without a court order. The only content that is restricted is online libel and defamation. That means that Filipinos can now write freely without any significant threat of blowback. However, there are some downsides to this law. One of them is that it discourages digital activism, which has decreased since Duterte was elected.

Facebook is a popular social media platform in the Philippines, where it is one of the top 5 most visited websites. Most social media users in the country access Facebook via their smartphones, and mobile operators are now providing ways to access the app without paying for it. Also, the growing number of inexpensive smartphones has given access to Facebook to a broader socioeconomic demographic.

While many people use Facebook as a social networking website, it is important to remember that there is a lot of misinformation that can be spread through the site. For this reason, some groups are advocating that children should be taught media literacy.

Google is the most popular website in the Philippines. It gets more than a billion visits a month and 53.8 million unique visitors. Filipinos are increasingly reliant on the World Wide Web for entertainment, information, and health. In lockdown, when TV, radio, and print media are shut down, people turn to the Internet to keep updated with current events and news.