Top 5 Online Game Streaming Platforms Where People Earn Money

If you love to play games and are passionate about sharing your passion with the world, you can earn money by streaming your game videos. There are numerous platforms on the Internet where you can make money streaming games. These platforms include Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and others. You can start earning money today just by uploading your videos.

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The Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 screen is excellent for gaming and creative work. The 144Hz native refresh rate and IPS technology deliver superior colour reproduction. It also has impressive viewing angles. The keyboard is well-lit and spaced, with good travel. The keyboard is also very responsive, with a slick feel.

The laptop has impressive power, with its 16GB DDR4 memory and 256GB SSD. It has an Intel Core i7-8750H processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card featuring 6GB GDDR5 RAM. It also has a built-in camera and speakers. It’s worth its price, as it performs well in PCMag’s benchmarks.


Twitch is one of the top online gaming platforms where people earn money by streaming video games. The platform attracts millions of viewers daily and has over 4 million broadcasters. Many users want to earn extra cash while playing their favourite games. Some Twitch broadcasters make up to seven figures a year! These broadcasters typically have tens of thousands of followers and spend several hours each day streaming.

You can create a free Twitch account and then begin broadcasting your content. Twitch has several features to help you make more money with your streams. The most important thing is ensuring your content is related to your interests. Once you have created a stream, you can track how many people watched your content.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is one of the top options if you have a passion for gaming and are looking for an online platform to earn money while streaming video games. You can make money from watching others play and competing with them in competitions. In addition, you can save your videos to watch later. You can stream for up to three hours, but you can extend your time by collecting rewards from your viewers.

YouTube Gaming is part of YouTube and allows users to target specific audiences. It also includes in-game overlays with statistics. You can also add commentary to your streams. YouTube Gaming is growing fast, and its built-in features make it a powerful tool for gamers to create high-quality content.

Facebook Gaming

There are some different video game streaming platforms. These platforms have an extra user base, but they offer unique opportunities for video game content creators to make money. For example, Facebook Gaming allows people to stream games for free and earn through spectator support. Streamers are also able to sell merchandising items and gain money through crowdfunding.

Although most video game streaming services use their currency, many have equivalent USD amounts. Streamers can also use third-party programs to set up a donation system. For example, Streamlabs is a Facebook Gaming-compatible broadcasting platform that makes it easy for streamers to set up donation systems. Another popular donation platform is Patreon. Another option for video game content creators is SE Merch. Streamers can create their products with the help of a third-party company, which will fill orders and provide customer service.


Afreeca TV is an online streaming platform that has been around for several years now. Founded in 2006 by Korean entrepreneurs, it is an excellent option for mobile gamers who want to earn extra cash while watching their favourite video games. The platform offers several different business models for live streamers. For example, you can provide other viewers tips or gifts and earn extra money.

AfreecaTV is a well-organized platform that has been popular among professional game streamers. The website is easy to navigate and allows you to save and play videos of your favourite games. There is also a place for you to keep track of your favourite broadcasters. Another great option for live streaming is to get sponsored broadcasts. In these sponsored broadcasts, you are approached by businesses who want their advertisements to appear in your video and pay you.


With over 300 million monthly users, Tenor is a severe contender for sharing animated GIFs. The site has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the GIF you’re looking for. However, be careful not to post copyrighted work because most GIFs are protected by copyright law. That’s why it’s always a good idea to create your GIFs – this way, and you can make the best ones that tell your brand’s story most creatively.

While Tenor is primarily an animated GIF site, it lets users share still images. You can upload animated files directly from your computer or link to them from the web. The service enables you to add a tag to your GIF before publishing it. And, unlike other GIF sites, you don’t have to register an account to share your GIF.


If you’re looking for an excellent way to share animated GIFs, Reddit has you covered. This social network has a section dedicated to short and animated Gifs and allows users to post them in the comments. The lightweight format enables multiple images to be included in one file. While the design may not be as engaging as a video, it can retain an audience.