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Top 5 Sites For Sharing Short and Animated GIFs Online

If you want to share animated GIFs online, you’ve probably come across, redgifs, and reaction gifs. However, there are a few other sites you should consider, as well. These sites can be great places to share GIFs with friends and family.


If you’re looking for a site to share short GIFs and animated pictures, Redgifs is the site for you. It allows you to create and share animated GIFs and is free to join. Here are a few basics if you need to figure out what regions are. Redgifs are animated GIFs made by speeding up videos and placing them against a red background. When the speed is high enough, the images fade away, leaving only the red background behind.

If the website isn’t loading, you may need to clear your browser’s cache. A corrupted cache file may cause the problem. This is common on certain websites and browsers. Generally, clearing your cache files should fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser’s cookies. Try reloading the site or page if that doesn’t fix the problem.

Reaction GIFs

There are many sites dedicated to sharing short and animated reaction GIFs, but only a handful can handle the sheer number of images you can create. GIFs are animated videos, typical clips from TV or movies, which can often convey more emotion than words. These clips are too short to stand alone but are perfect for adding context and colour to a post.

The most popular GIF is one from Season 5 of The Office. It shows Stanley crossing his arms, aired in 2008 and 2009. The clip is a great way to let coworkers know they’re not the best boss in the world.


GIFs are a great way to tell a story. They are lightweight and allow multiple images to be included in one file. The format is similar to the video format but easier to manage. In addition to this, GIFs can be used to convey a brand’s story. These images are usually hand-drawn or made in Photoshop by the creator.

Tenor, a website founded in 2014 by David McIntosh, Erick Hachenburg, and Frank Nawabi, is one of the most popular GIF sites on the Internet. The website receives billions of views and millions of searches each month. It also features a real-time analytics dashboard called Tenor Insights. Users can easily track the growth of their GIFs.


With over 300 million monthly users, Tenor is a severe contender for sharing animated GIFs. The site has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the GIF you’re looking for. However, be careful not to post copyrighted work because most GIFs are protected by copyright law. That’s why it’s always a good idea to create your GIFs – this way, and you can create the best ones that tell your brand’s story most creatively.

While Tenor is primarily an animated GIF site, it lets users share still images. You can upload animated files directly from your computer or link to them from the web. The service lets you add a tag to your GIF before publishing it. And, unlike other GIF sites, you don’t have to register an account to share your GIF.


If you’re looking for an excellent way to share animated GIFs, Reddit has you covered. This social network has a section dedicated to short and animated Gifs and allows users to post them in the comments. The lightweight format allows multiple images to be included in one file. While the format may not be as engaging as a video, it can retain an audience.


The Internet Archive is a free resource for movies and other media. The website offers free streaming movies, rare gems, video game footage, and more. Most of the content is 100 per cent free to download or stream, and you can find various movies categorized by category. For example, you can see movies for kids and families, animation and cartoons, and VHS vaults.

The Archive website has hundreds of filtering options, including collections, topics, creators, language, and more. If you want to find specific movies and TV series, you can filter by the date they were added to the archive. Currently, the site includes more than 275 partner institutions in 16 countries, including universities, colleges, state archives, federal institutions, museums, law libraries, and cultural organizations. You can also use the RSS feed to find free movies.

Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter prides itself on being the best online channel for the latest movies. It has a massive library of films and makes downloading easy. It also offers new release notifications, movie trailers, and reference plots. The site is hosted on free hosting websites and allows users to connect through social media. It also has a referral program that will enable users to receive emails or SMS alerts when a new movie is released.

Another great site to watch and download movies for free is Popcornflix. This website is run by the same Crackle company and has several hundred movies to choose from. These movies are categorized by genre and include comedy, drama, action, romance, horror, and documentary films. You can also search for movies by genre and theme.