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Where Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brother?


It’s been over 25 years since Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 17 people.

But what happened to his brother, David Dahmer? In this article,

we’ll take a look at where David Dahmer is today and what he’s doing to try and make up for his brother’s horrific crimes.

David Dahmer was just 18 years old when his brother was arrested in 1991.

He was living in Ohio at the time and working as a car salesman. After Jeffrey’s arrest, David changed his name to Dave Thomas and tried to distance himself from his brother and his crimes.

In 1994, he gave an interview to ABC News in which he spoke about how he felt after learning about what Jeffrey had done.

“I was just disgusted,” he said. “I couldn’t believe that somebody could do something like that, let alone my brother.”

Since then, David has largely stayed out of the public eye. He’s married and has two children.

In 2010, he published a memoir called A Father’s Story in which he talks about growing up with Jeffrey and how his brother’s crimes have affected him.

In the book, David writes about how he still struggles with guilt and regret over not being able to stop Jeffrey from killing all those people.

“I will never forgive myself for not being a better brother to Jeff,” he wrote. “I will never be able to forget the pain and suffering that he caused.”

Despite everything that’s happened, David says he still loves his brother and visits him

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Early Life

Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960. His parents were Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. He had one younger brother, David.

The family was upper middle class and Lionel Dahmer was an analytical chemist.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a shy child who had few friends and was bullied by classmates. In high school, he began drinking alcohol and using drugs.

After graduating from high school in 1978, he enrolled in college but dropped out after one semester. He then joined the Army but was discharged after six months due to his drinking problem.

The murders

Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother, David, has been living a quiet life in Ohio since his brother’s gruesome murders came to light in the early 1990s.

Dahmer’s crimes were some of the most heinous in American history, and his brother has understandably tried to distance himself from the tragedy.

David Dahmer has said that he had no idea what his brother was up to during the years that he committed his murders.

He has also said that he regrets not being more involved in Jeffrey’s life, as he might have been able to prevent the tragedy if he had known what was going on.

Despite the horrific nature of his brother’s crimes, David Dahmer has said that he still loves Jeffrey and hopes to someday reconcile with him. He has even visited Jeffrey in prison on several occasions.

The aftermath

In the years since Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest and death, his brother, David, has tried to distance himself from his infamous sibling.

In an interview with The New York Times in 1994, two years after Dahmer was killed by a fellow inmate,

David said he had changed his name and was living “as far away from Milwaukee as I can.” He added that he had no interest in ever meeting his brother’s victims or their families.

“I feel bad for them,” David said of the victims’ families. “But I don’t want to intrude on their lives.”

In the 25 years since Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested, there have been periodic reports of sightings of David, now in his early 50s.

In 2012, it was rumored that he was working at a food truck in Los Angeles.

And last year, someone who claimed to be Dahmer’s niece posted a photo on social media of a man she said was David; the man in the photo bore little resemblance to Jeffrey Dahmer.

David has never given a public interview about his brother and is presumed to be living quietly under an assumed name.

Given the notoriety of his sibling’s crimes, it’s likely that he will continue to keep a low profile for the rest of his life.

Where is Jeffrey Dahmer brother now?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother, David, is now a motivational speaker and author. He has written a book about his experiences growing up with Jeffrey, called My Brother,

the Serial Killer. In it, he details what it was like to live with someone who would eventually become one of the most notorious serial killers in history.

Since publication, David has been interviewed by several media outlets about his book and his experiences.

He continues to speak out in hopes of helping others who may be dealing with similar situations.
You can learn more about David and his work at his website, www.david-dahmer.com.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother, David Dahmer, is living a quiet life in Wisconsin. Since his brother’s crimes were made public, he has tried to distance himself from the family name and live a normal life.

He has been married for over 20 years and has two children. He works as a sales manager for a food company.

In recent years, David has decided to speak out about his experiences growing up with Jeffrey and what it was like to have a serial killer as a brother.

He hopes that by sharing his story, he can help others who may be dealing with similar situations.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, please reach out for help. There are many resources available to you.

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