Can’t wait to make your own avatar in Picrew? Here’s what to expect in 2022!

The technology to create an avatar of yourself, or anything else you can think of, has been around since 2017, but it’s not in high demand yet due to the complexity and cost of the process. Still, some people who had the means were able to enjoy having online avatars that looked exactly like them and dressed exactly how they want. In 2022, the tools will be significantly easier to use and the cost will be even lower so more people will be able to have an avatar of themselves that looks just like them!

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Why we want to create an online avatar

After trying many different avatars, we were not happy with how our virtual self was represented. We wanted to create an avatar that better suited our personality. So, we did. Along the way, we found many others wanting the same experience and set out on a journey to make that happen. After much research and hard work, we are very proud of the product we have today and are excited for where it will be in five years’ time: A better version of yourself awaits you.

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The trend of creating avatars

It is no wonder that the internet, with its limitless world of interaction and image-sharing possibilities, has seen a surge in trends related to avatars. With so many people able to create their own profiles, its only natural that it would also become a widespread trend. Gone are the days of being forced into a profile picture on Facebook. Nowadays people have a much greater degree of control over how they present themselves online- not just as an individual but as members of different communities or groups.

What is an avatar

An avatar is the representation of a person or entity on a computer. Imagine having that really cool picture of yourself but on Facebook. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could dress up as anyone else and be anyone else whenever you want? This idea is an online avatar. An online avatar can have any appearance, voice, name and personality. The goal is for users to project themselves into the world around them. It has become more than just another social media site; it has become our entire lives. And now that there are so many different worlds out there to explore, people are flocking to try them all out and experience things they never thought possible – like seeing life through someone else’s eyes.

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How does it work

-Picrew was first launched in June 2021. Users initially interacted with the app on their desktop browsers, but it is now available for download on any and all devices.
-Users can create an account from within the app or import their existing accounts from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, depending on which platform they want to use the avatar most often. They then customize the way their avatars look by adding hair, eyes, clothes, accessories like eyeglasses and facial hair, tattoos, and more.

What does it look like in 8 years’ time?

Everyone on the internet is represented by their avatars, which are increasingly personal, fun, and expressive. We do not have time for avatars that just represent people anymore. If you want to stand out among all the other users, you need a personal Avatar on a social media platform that is modern and dynamic and differentiates you from others. One of the ways this can be done is with the help of a social network application – Picrew.

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