Divorces can be rejected by UAE Courts
Divorces can be rejected by UAE Courts

Divorces can be rejected by UAE Courts

There is a possibility that the divorce case gets rejected by the UAE courts. If the divorce papers are not filled up properly or the reason for the divorce is missing from the papers, the court will reject your request. This is a provision in the judiciary under which divorce is rejected if the cause of the divorce went missing or skipped due to any reason whatsoever.

Here divorce must not be confused with KHULA by Muslim couples. Divorce papers are filled by women when there is a reason behind the divorce. It can be due to any reason that they are accused or held responsible for the divorce.

Under Khula a Muslim woman is granted full fledge authority to distance herself from his husband. Following separation, women have to give up certain rights according to the sharia law of Islam. Article 118, clearly states the law and can be read to explore more about it.

Under UAE law, it is mentioned that the divorce claim can be rejected by the courts. If the court found a legality issue it can reject it. Nevertheless, the Party has the complete right to file for a new lawsuit if they are not satisfied with the court results. The lawyers who take up divorce cases are family lawyers or divorce lawyers.

Whenever the divorce matter comes, it goes to a committee. Committee tries to reconcile the parties. Once they are unsuccessful in their attempts and efforts then any party can choose to allocate arbitrators by the judges of the court.  The arbitrators are responsible to search out the possible reasons for the divorce. They will work to find out the most genuine causes of it.

Following this, if the arbitrators fail with the task assigned then both parties are called upon by the courts. They are invited by the judges for the reconciliation.  If this also didn’t work out, only then the divorce is granted.

It should be made clear that there is a wider difference between the Khula and divorce. Whenever the Khula is filled by any Muslim lady, the lady is issued a divorce according to the sharia law of Islam.

If we proceed further we will see that whenever a couple separates, the main issue that arises is child custody. It is the right of the mother to have child custody. Mother is given the priority. The father of the child is made the guardian while custody of the child remains with the mother.

There is an age limit attached to the above-mentioned child custody. Once the child reaches that age bracket, custody is granted to the father. If the child desires to live with his mother and not the father, a family committee is designed by the court.

The committee is given the task to analyze the situation of the child. They will explore why the child intends to stay with the mother instead of going with the father. For instance, if the age of the girl is 7 or 8 years then the child custody goes to the mother. Similarly, if the boy is 10 years old, even then the mother is granted custody.

Legal Drafting in UAE

Legal drafting is handled by lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, or legal drafters. They have the expertise and experience in legal matters. They are capable of writing law-related documents as they have the skills to do so. It is legally binding to do so and the lawyers tend to be the creators of the texts.

The lawyers draft the legal documents by using the knowledge they gain from their studies and practice in the courtroom. They use technical language to construct legal documents. As they have immersed themselves in the legal dictionaries they know what terms to use and how.

It can be said that they are enriched with the formal vocabulary along with the words to be used. They will convey their message across the quarters rather in a quite formal way. Furthermore, lawyers can take assistance from the law books and manuals around them. They have a full idea of how to prepare law-related documents and compose them altogether.

There are plenty of documents that can be created by legal drafters. In the UAE you can easily access legal drafting services. They are the right people who can provide you with the right services you need. They will also make sure that the papers prepared are free from mistakes, blunders, or errors.

In the UAE you can get legal document drafting services of world-class quality. They will take up the analysis of the papers along with the documentation. For the lawyers, it is part of their daily work. For lawyers, this is part of their routine work to draft legal documents.

The lawyers will conduct the legal analysis to serve the purpose. Furthermore, they will indulge in research work and also prepare memorandums. The lawyers are experts and thus, provide exceptional services to their clients.

They will plan out the documents according to the specifications of the client. The legal documents are drafted in clear and concise language and the written document must be grammatically correct. The lawyers make sure of the accuracy and authenticity of the paperwork. In addition, all the necessary information must be included in the papers.

They also prepare wills and other related documents to serve the purpose. In addition, they are trained into doing this work and thus, ensure the job is professionally done. Besides, they also make sure to complete the time in the shortest time possible.

A lawyer provides a plethora of drafting services to its clients for a variety of documents and instruments. Multiple documents are crafted by the lawyers and their teams. They prepare wills, memorandum of association, articles of association, power of attorney, testaments and the list goes on.

The lawyers will take up the task to write the documents that are used for various legal purposes. They can be required by different legal bodies and even by organizations, individuals, etc.

The lawyers may keep the templates ready for them which will facilitate them in the process.

The process is much simpler for lawyers and they make custom-made documents as per the client’s situation. This will allow the client to address relevant matters or issues.

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