Both resin-bound and block-paved stone driveways are attractive alternatives when it comes to laying new driveways made of resin in Manchester. They do not require any permission since both are permeable, which means rainwater can rapidly disappear. They also come in a range of styles and colors. But that’s the point where the similarities end.

Block Paving

The benefit of block paving is the fact that it is available in a variety of shades, and you are able to select the pattern you want to use. It’s beautiful to behold and will give your driveway a beautiful classic look. It’s also permeable, meaning it doesn’t cause standing water or floods.

But, the majority of modular block paving is constructed from colored stones or concrete. This is why it looks fantastic when laid, but will fade in a brief time because the pigment begins to lose its color.

Another important aspect to consider with block paving is maintenance. The gap between each block ensures that you’ll be inundated by weeds between the joints of the surface. The ongoing maintenance of de-weeding is exhausting. This kind of paving is also susceptible to staining.

Block paving can also be prone to displacement and settlement problems where an uneven surface could quickly develop. Block paving is usually laid on top of a layer of sand with sharp edges to allow drainage.

In terms of price, the cost can differ based on the design, style, block employed, as well as the amount of labor. It could be costly to construct, but you have to consider the cost of maintenance and time.

Resin Driveways

A resin-bound driveway is an extremely flexible choice. They are strong and stain-resistant. They are also extremely flexible. Based on Craig of Resin Driveways in Manchester, “You have the option of choosing from a variety of stone and colors that means you can have an array of options. Natural stone creates the resin driveway in Manchester attractive and appealing .”

The resin-bound surface appears beautiful however, it’s extremely robust. It is made of stones that were pressed and joined to resin, there aren’t any spaces for the growth of weeds.

Resin driveway Manchester is also stain-resistant, resistant to fade, and doesn’t have any issues with displacement once laid. It isn’t necessary to repair or replace it over 30 years of its lifespan. A quick and clean every once in a while is all you’ll need to keep your resin-bound driveway like new.

The size of the space and the amount of labor is a factors in the total cost. The main feature of resin-bound paving is that it’s laid in one continuous section and therefore, several people could be working together in the case of an extensive resin driveway.


The materials you use, i.e., your selection of stone, can influence the price, however, the cost of these materials aren’t wildly different. If you choose to use a UV-resistant resin that is recommended to protect against sun damage it could add a tiny amount to the overall cost. The sun damage is only a problem to the resin and not the stones.

So Which Is Cheaper?

In the end, resin driveways are less expensive than block pavers. There are, however, several factors to be considered including how big the driveway as well as the state of the surface you’re laying down on, the type of material you will be using in the process, as well as the cost of work required.

The driveway won’t be a weed that grows between the gaps because there isn’t any. The driveways will not also have any issues with displacement and there will be no charges to fix or replace. They are not stained or faded, meaning there’s no loss of appearance or costly cleaning solutions.

Therefore, even though it is possible that the initial cost could be more expensive, overall it’s a cheaper option than block pavers.

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