loranocarter+mansfield: A Match Made in Heaven

loranocarter+mansfield: A Match Made in Heaven

We’ve always been a matchmaking agency that caters to the rich and famous, but we’re always looking for more people to join our team. We’re currently looking for new matchmakers who want to find their soulmates and help them meet each other in person! If you think this might be something you’d like to do, please take a look at our list below.

This ain’t your average match made in heaven.

This ain’t your average match made in heaven.

We’re not looking for a traditional match—we want to find your soulmate, and we don’t care how you do it. We are open to all possibilities: straight, gay or bisexual; trans or cisgender (you get the picture). But what we do care about is that it’s not just any ol’ person who will be perfect for you. It has to be someone who understands what it means to live in this world as a female-to-male transgender person and seeks out ways to further their own journey of discovery throughout their lives!

Meet our matchmakers, the loranocarter team.

Our matchmakers are a team of experts who work together to find you your perfect match.

They’re here to help you navigate the world of online dating and make sure that when you meet someone, it’s for real.

Meet our team:

Arianna Carter

Arianna Carter is the founder of Aricann, a company that makes cannabis-infused products. She has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2015 and has become one of its most prominent figures.

Carter’s experience with chemical engineering makes her one of the few people who can fully understand how each plant responds to different conditions and environments. This allows her to create unique blends with unique properties that make products more effective than if they had just been isolated from one strain or another.

Monica Mansfield

Monica Mansfield is a professional matchmaker and certified matchmaker. She has been matchmaking for over 10 years, and she has a degree in psychology from West Virginia University. Monica also graduated from New York City’s Matchmaking School of Excellence where she was awarded “Best Corporate Event Coordinator” during her year there.

Monica is an active member of her local community where she volunteers with several charities including Habitat for Humanity and Special Olympics.

The loranocarter team has been working diligently to find the perfect matches for each of us.

The loranocarter team has been working diligently to find the perfect matches for each of us. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to find someone with whom you can share your life, but they are a single unit and they’re doing their best!

We asked them what it’s like being on this journey together: “It’s been amazing,” Arianna said. “Everything that happens is so positive and supportive.” Monica added: “Every day is an adventure.”


We are so excited to see what happens next in this amazing journey. We hope that our matchmakers have done their job well and will find us the perfect matches for our future happiness. In the meantime, we can only wait and see what’s coming next!

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