Null HMD for Mobile Testing: Streaming URLs
Null HMD for Mobile Testing: Streaming URLs

Null HMD for Mobile Testing: Streaming URLs

The App Store is a great way for developers who want to sell their apps, however, there are many other markets. There are other markets in which developers can sell their apps. The mobile marketplace is one of them. If you’re a developer looking to market your app for both the Android and iOS platforms, you’ll use null HMDs to test your mobile app. What exactly is a null HDM? It is the head-mounted screen that allows you to test your application without installing it on an actual device. This technology can stream URLs for devices and mimic user interaction.

What is a Null HMD?

A null HMD is a type of wearable device that doesn’t provide views of the world. It’s great for mobile testing since it doesn’t require you to make use of a phone or other device. All you require is a non-existent HMD or an internet connection!

It is possible to use a non-existent HMD in order to evaluate your application’s user interface animations, interactions, and animations without fear of crashing and losing your data. Since there aren’t any views of the real world this is also perfect to test AR apps as well as VR content.

Null HMDs are increasingly well-liked for tests on smartphones since they’re affordable and versatile. There are many different models available in the market and choosing one that is suitable for your needs is simple.

How do I stream URLs using an HMD that is Null?

Streaming URLs that stream using the Null HMD

Head-mounted displays that don’t display any visually-rich content to the users are becoming more sought-after for tests on smartphones. This is due to the fact that they permit streaming URLs directly from your computer instead of showing these on your device.

To stream URLs using a Null get global hmd_test_play_streaming_url:

1. Connect your HMD that is not working to your computer and then open the web browser.

2. Go to the URL you would like to stream, and then click it.

3. The website will be loaded in the empty HMD and you will be able to continue browsing in the normal way.

4. For a stop to streaming this URL to stop streaming, close the web browser or disconnect the HMD that is not working from your computer.


If you’re interested in streaming mobile tests through a nonexistent device in real-time, read our helpful guide on how to accomplish just that! Following these easy steps, you’ll be able easily to stream mobile tests without needing to leave your workstation. Furthermore, streaming mobile tests in real time will allow you to give your customers an even more immersive test experience. So don’t delay – begin today and start streaming the mobile tests as a professional!

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