How to Use iOS Safari’s AsienBinder Module To Watch Asian TV Shows
How to Use iOS Safari’s AsienBinder Module To Watch Asian TV Shows

How to Use iOS Safari’s AsienBinder Module To Watch Asian TV Shows

Like most people, you revel in a true TV exhibit from time to time. But if you favor watching these suggestions in their authentic language, you’ll need an Asian TV channel. Thankfully, iOS Safari has you covered. The AsienBinder module permits you to watch Asian TV channels except by putting in extra apps. Just add the ASIANTVCHANNELS:// URL, and you’re exact to go. This module is handy if you favor watching suggestions unavailable on American TV networks. For example, if you’re a fan of the Korean drama collection “Wonder Woman,” you can watch it besides translating the dialogue.

What is the AsienBinder Module?

If you’re a fan of Asian tv shows, Safari’s AsienBinder module can assist you to watch them on your iPhone or iPad. The module integrates with a number of streaming services, together with YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, so you can without problems get entry to your preferred shows.

To spark off the AsienBinder module, open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to the App Store. In the search bar at the pinnacle of the screen, kind “AsienBinder” and press Enter. Once it seems in the outcomes list, the faucet on it opens the app.

To add an exhibit to your watchlist, faucet on the show’s icon (it will have an inexperienced flag subsequent to it) and then choose “Add to Watchlist.” You can get admission to records about the show, such as its title and description. You can additionally charge and assess it if you like.

When you’re equipped to watch the show, open it in Safari and pick “Watch Now.” You’ll be precipitated to pick one of the streaming offerings that AsienBinder has built in; from there, the whole lot ought to work simply like usual. You can pause or rewind episodes if want.

How to Use the AsienBinder Module

If you’re fascinated by looking at Asian TV indicates on your iPhone or iPad, the AsienBinder module is a extremely good way to do it. This module lets you watch TV indicates and films from international locations like China, Japan, South Korea, and more.

To use the AsienBinder module, make sure it’s established on your device. You can locate the installer on the App Store underneath “TV Shows & Movies.” Once the AsienBinder module is installed, open Ios Safari Asianbindermashable.

On the homepage of the AsienBinder website, you’ll see a listing of famous TV suggests and films from extraordinary Asian countries. To watch an exhibit or movie, click on its title (or link), and Safari will robotically open the corresponding web page in the App Store.

Once you’ve loaded an exhibit or film web page in the App Store, click on “Watch Show” or “Watch Movie.” Safari will then begin taking part in the exhibit or film proper away!

Episodes of Asian TV Shows that you can watch with the AsienBinder Module.

You can use the AsienBinder module for iOS Safari to watch more than a few Asian TV shows. The following are some examples:

1. “Hawaii Five-O” – This exhibit is reachable in English and Japanese variations and can be watched with the AsienBinder module.

2. “Running Man” – This exhibit is reachable in Korean and Chinese variations and can be watched with the AsienBinder module.

3. “K-pop Star 6” – This exhibit is handy in Mandarin and Korean variations and can be watched with the AsienBinder module.


If you’re like me, you love staring at Asian TV shows. With iOS Safari’s AsienBinder Module, it is convenient to do so besides leaving the alleviation of your browser. This module approves you to watch stay and recorded Asian TV suggestions in a number of exceptional languages on your desktop. Whether you are searching for Korean dramas or Chinese Variety Shows, this module has the entirety you need. So if you’re worn out of gazing at American TV indicates exclusively, provide AsienBinder a try!

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