Why Y2mate is the Best YouTube Video Downloader (Updated 2023)

How many times have you discovered a great video on YouTube and wished that you could download it so you could watch it at any time without internet access? Too many to count, right? That’s why we recommend using Y2mate to download YouTube videos quickly and easily so you can watch them whenever you want. Y2mate has been our top choice of YouTube video downloaders since 2018 when we released this updated version of our website’s most popular article ever. You can also see our other articles on how to convert FLV files into MP4 files and how to install Kodi on FireStick!

A Personal Story

I was having a hard time searching for some old music videos from my childhood and nothing seemed to work. I found an ad for a free trial of this software called Y2mate and it downloaded all of my favorite songs in under two minutes! What’s even better, is that I can easily convert them to any format with their built-in video converter. To top it off, they have apps on just about every device imaginable so that I can always access my favorite music no matter where I am!

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Reasons to Use Y2mate

1. Some people prefer to download videos for offline viewing. 2. Videos can be downloaded in HD quality, 3. You have the ability to download YouTube videos in different resolutions and formats, 4. You can schedule video downloads, 5. You can grab multiple videos from a search query or channel, 6. You are able to download playlist videos in one go with a click of a button, 7. The app has no ads unlike other streaming apps and it’s free too!

The Reasons it’s Important to Save Videos from YouTube

There are many reasons why it’s important to save videos from YouTube. When you have saved a video, you can take out time and watch it when your time permits. Additionally, if your account has been banned or deleted on YouTube, then you would be able to access it in offline mode without getting any of those messages. You can also share videos with friends who don’t have a connected device with internet access.

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How To Use It

Downloading a video and watching it offline is as easy as 1-2-3 with Y2mate. Follow these steps to get your next favorite video downloaded:
1. Visit the Y2mate website and click on Download Videos in the top right corner.
2. Choose from one of three options – Web, Safari, or Chrome – to download videos from different browsers and sources.
3. Click the red button at the bottom left-hand side of your screen which says Download and select the format you want your video to be saved in.
4. After downloading, open up iTunes and sync all of your music onto an iPod Touch by connecting it to your computer via a USB cable.
5. When syncing is complete, connect iPod Touch to a car’s stereo system or use earphones with an aux cable for sound quality that rivals CD quality sound!

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Where To Find Tutorials

Y2mate is one of the best and most comprehensive youtube video downloaders on the market today. And as we near 2022, there are plenty of free tutorials available to help you get started with this application. There are even some tutoring videos where people will sit down and walk you through how to download videos, add tags and ratings, create playlists, and more! You can find these by searching for Y2mate tutorial or Y2mate tutorial 2020 in Youtube or Google.

How Much Does it Cost?

Y2mate will never charge you for downloading videos from YouTube or for any other type of video download. There are some companies that will sell software that claims to be able to download any video on the web but oftentimes, these companies do not say up front how much they want to charge or try to trick people into subscribing. This can be very frustrating and makes it hard to know what price you will be paying in advance.

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