dollar bills at background with stock market chart. Forex trading concept
dollar bills at background with stock market chart. Forex trading concept

A Beginners Guide to Getting Free Forex Signals

Forex trading is perceived as one of the most lucrative ways to create a side hustle. Many beginner traders enter the market with great hopes of making profitable trades and earning a hefty amount.

However, many newbie traders struggle to earn in the market. After losing a few trades, the new traders quit trading and left the Forex market to save themselves from further losses. 

Does it sound like your story?

If yes, then we have something for you that can improve your trading career. 

Forex signals are helpful for traders to get valuable market information for devising a robust trading strategy. 

Today’s post will explore some of the top benefits of Forex signals. We will also discuss how you can find a reliable free Forex signals provider.

So, let’s get started with the top 4 benefits of using free Forex signals:

Top 4 Benefits of Forex Signals 

The following are some of the top benefits you can derive by subscribing to the best Forex signals provider. 

  • Saves Time 

Forex trading requires proper market research and observation to predict price trends. Traders must conduct extensive fundamental analysis to understand the effects of politics and the economy on the currency pairs. Moreover, they also have to spend time on technical analysis to determine price behavior. 

These analyses require a lot of time and are complex for some traders. But by subscribing to a reliable signals provider, the trader can quickly get important market information without conducting any analysis. They can save time and trade in the market with all the necessary information. 

Moving on to the next benefit of Forex signals:

  • Provides Valuable Trading Opportunities 

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Time is money!

Forex trading requires traders to act promptly as soon as they spot a profitable opportunity. Beginner traders often fail to understand when to open or close the positions. 

With the help of Forex signals, new traders can spot lucrative positions in the market to earn profit without wasting any time. 

Up next, on number 3, we have:

  • Alerts the Traders About the Potential Risk 

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The Forex market is ruthless and doesn’t spare anybody. Being one of the most sensitive markets, currency prices are influenced due to plenty of factors, such as changes in government, central bank policies, natural calamity, war, international politics, etc. Therefore, the climate of the Forex market can change anytime, resulting in heavy losses for traders. 

Forex trading signals alert traders about risky situations. So, they can close their positions and protect their hard-earned money when the situation gets ugly. 

On number 4, we have:

  • Helps Devising a Robust Trading Strategy

Forex signals provide traders with essential information about the market. Using this information, a trader can get valuable insights about the market. Consequently, he will be better positioned to plan and execute intelligent trading strategies. 

Forex signals can be super helpful for beginner traders and help them earn better in the market. However, it is crucial to understand that to avail of all the benefits listed above, you must sign up with a reliable signals provider. 

How to Find the Best Signals Provider?

Many signal providers in the market claim to be the best. But, a few of them are frauds, waiting for naïve traders to lure them into subscribing to premium signals. Many traders fall victim to these signals providers and pay them, only to be scammed. 

Therefore, be vigilant while selecting the Forex signals provider, as they can make or break your Forex trading account. 

The following is the step-by-step guide to selecting the best signals provider.

  • Shortlist the Signals Provider

The first step is to conduct thorough research on your end. Look for the best signals provider on Forex groups and communities. Once you have a few names, it’s time to move to the next step.

  • Check the Transparency and Professionalism of Each Signals Provider 

The 2nd step is to visit the signals provider’s website and read their policies. Understand how they send the alerts and what is their winning percentage. 

One of the popular gimmicks of fraudulent signals providers is that they fool naïve traders by claiming a 100% win rate. 

Do not be fooled by them!

No signal provider or robot can give a 100% winning rate in the market. Thus, when you spot a signals provider tricking you with their unbelievable winning rate, be cautious of them. They will charge you for their signals, which might not be accurate or beneficial for you in the long run. 

Once you have read their policies, terms, and conditions, move on to the 3rd step, which is:

  • Hunt For Best Reviews 

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In this step, look for what actual traders have to say about the signal providers. Are they happy and satisfied with the signals, or are they bothered by some issues? Also, ask fellow traders about the preciseness and success of the signals. A signals provider might claim to be the best. Still, the signals subscribers can give you the correct information about it. 

Thus, look for reviews on authentic review portals such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Slashdot, etc. If you have a few friends who have subscribed to a signals provider, take their reviews before you make a final decision. 

Finally, moving on to the last step:

  • Test the Free Signals on Demo Account 

Always avail of the free or trial version of the signals before paying in full for it. Subscribing to free signals will allow you to assess the quality and accuracy of the signals before you purchase them. 

Also, never test the new signals in your live trading account. It’s a detrimental mistake and can rip off your account. Always test the signals on the demo account to keep your money safe and secure. Furthermore, if you are unsatisfied with the signals you can cancel it anytime without hassle. 

Take Your Forex Trading to the Next Level with Forex Signals


Many naïve traders dream of earning substantial profits in a short time. Many scammers in the market tempt new traders into buying expensive trading tools or subscribing to premium signals with a promise of infinite success in the market.

Therefore, be wary of such thugs and be vigilant about subscribing to the signals, as it can directly affect your account. 

Apply the guidelines above to find a reliable signals provider for your trading career. 

Good Luck!

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