How to Track Activities an Instagram account?
How to Track Activities an Instagram account?

How to Track Activities an Instagram account?

Instagram is among the biggest social media sites in all the globe. There are more than 1 billion active users every month on Instagram. Instagram is a fantastic way to stay engaged with your fellow users as well as other users. When you use IG you will also be aware of what they’re doing. Prior to that, Instagram featured a feature called the following Tab within the Activity Feed. This allowed you to view comments, likes, and other actions that your followers.

In 2019, it was taken down by Instagram in the year that followed. Since that time, many are seeking out various apps, and even Instagram bots that can track the activity of their friend’s Instagram profiles and activities. Therefore, we are going to assist these people and explain ways to track your Instagram account.

MSPs can do more than monitor Instagram profiles. It allows you to see private Instagram chats as well as deleted photos. If you’re concerned that they’re talking to an individual on Instagram that you don’t know about or agree with, simply download the mSpy app on the device on their phone and be able to discover.

The app for monitoring lets you look over your Instagram chats, and also messages they’ve sent or received. Photos too. You can also review the date the messages were sent, as well as view the Instagram contacts. You can even view private profiles. It’s a great tool to ensure that they’re talking to the correct users on Instagram.

To monitor an individual’s Instagram account, use Snoopreport. Snoopreport is among the top Instagram Activity Tracker tools. It is utilized by millions of users around the globe.

How do I track your Instagram user’s Instagram account?

The ways in that you can follow the status of an Instagram account are listed below.

Keep an eye on the latest postings

One of the best methods to monitor the activity of an Instagram profile is to look up their latest posts or see when they’ve posted their most recent posts on Instagram. Examining the most recent posts posted by your friends can inform you about what other users may be doing. Two ways through which you can look up the most recent posts posted by a person.

Number 1

The most common method by that you can see recent posts on a person is to visit the homepage, scroll down and scroll down until you can see their most recent posts. This method, however, only works if you’ve followed the person that you’re considering following.

Number 2

Another method is to search for the profile with the most recent posts you wish to see within Instagram’s Search and Explore bar. To search for this, type the username of the user into the search and Explore bar, then visit their profile. When you visit, you’ll be able to see their most recent posts at the top. You can also see the time when they posted their post and click at their IG post.

However, this technique only works if the user whom you would like to see has a profile that is public. If it’s private profiles first, you need to be able to follow the user by sending the following request.

If these steps seem too complicated or difficult for you, consider using Snoopreport. Snoopreport is a user-friendly Instagram Activity Tracker tool that doesn’t require you to be a tech expert to look up someone’s latest posts on IG.

Check the status of the online version

You can also check the time that you are online to keep track of their Instagram activities. It is possible to see when they were last active on the site. To check this out first, you need to communicate with them via DMs and ensure that you’ve been following them. Also, make sure that the most recent message in your DMs comes from them.

After that, click that username to reveal the individual whose the online status you wish to view. By clicking on the username, it will inform you of the last time were online. This can allow you to see the users that are currently active on Instagram.

You can also utilize Snoopreport to view the status of an online person you’re uncomfortable communicating with them through DMs.

Track Who Someone Followed Recently

You can also keep track of the accounts of your friends you follow If you’d like to monitor your Instagram account and monitor their activities.

To check this out, go to your friend’s profile then click the follower’s tab. When you click, you’ll be able to view the total number of followers. However, they will not be chronologically ordered. This makes it difficult to know the people who followed your friend in recent times.

To prevent this from happening, open the application via your browser and follow the same steps as in the previous paragraph. If you access Instagram through your browser allows you to view the followership count of individuals who you are following in order of chronological.

Utilize Snoopreport in order to monitor the user’s Instagram account, without following them.

Each of the methods above requires one essential element. It is that you have to follow someone whose work you wish to follow. But, there are times when this can be problematic because some users are not willing to accept unidentified followers’ requests.

To avoid this from happening, you can make use of many Instagram activity tracker apps like Snoopreport.

With Snoopreport you can see the other Instagram users’ Instagram like. To find out what your favorite celebrities and their friends are posting on Instagram You should follow the steps below.

First step: Go to and sign up by supplying your email address, and then establishing your username and password.

Step 2: Select your desired plan. There are various plans based on how many Instagram accounts you would like to keep track of. The more accounts are, the higher the cost.

Step 3. Click on the Dashboard Click on Dashboard, and then Add Account and type in the username of the account you wish to track.

Step 4. Wait for a while and then let Snoopreport do the rest.

Other activity trackers on Instagram you can utilize

Apart from Snoopreport and Snoopreport, which is, without doubt, the most effective and most popular choice for numerous Instagram customers, users could also utilize different Instagram tracking apps. There are a few of them:

KidsGuard Pro

It’s a parental control app that lets parents monitor their children’s activities including their Instagram activities. But, unlike Snoopreport which does not require any installation or download and is a nimble Instagram tracking tool, KidsGuard Pro needs to be installed on the phone that has the activity you want to monitor.

Therefore, in certain cases, it’s not always possible and takes a lot of time. This is the reason we advise you to utilize this Snoopreport Instagram Activity Tracker.


It is designed for people who are marketers or influencers, AiGrow provides a good social monitoring service. However, the services of AiGrow are pricey when compared to Snoopreport which has an even more effective service for monitoring social media.

Snoopreport plans fall in the price range between $4.99/mo. – $49.99/mo. Additionally, with AiGrow you are not able to purchase social monitoring services on your own. This is because the package includes additional features that aren’t appropriate if your primary goal is to grow your following.


The following points outline the ways you can monitor the activity of an Instagram account without Instagram Activity Tracker software like Snoopreport.

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