VNC is superior to RDP Which remote desktop software works better?

VNC is superior to RDP Which remote desktop software works better?

Sometimes, you need to connect to a remote desktop system at home and utilize its resources for completing an assignment. In some instances, you might be required to access the desktop of your client to address the problem. These feats are possible with a variety of techniques or protocols, such as widely-known Virtual Network Computing and Remote Desktop Protocol.

Both of these technologies can help you make remote access tasks much easier and more efficient. But when it comes to knowing which VNC or RDP which one will work for you best it is difficult to decide which one to route to take. It is better to be aware of Virtual Network Computing vs remote desktop Protocol to gain a better understanding of this area.

Virtual Network Computing vs remote desktop Protocol: Which is the best option?

We will explore the various aspects of both of these tools to better understand VNC and RDP more clearly. Let’s take look at the following details to learn more about what’s involved regarding this issue:

  1. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Remote Desktop Protocol is a Microsoft built-in protocol that allows users to have graphic control on any remotely accessible desktop that they wish without difficulty. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) servers are designed to be compatible only with Windows operating systems only. However, it is true that RDP is an RDP client that is accessible for almost any operating system, including Linux, Android, Mac, and more.

Furthermore, RDP is a real semantic tool. This is due to the fact that the information transmitted through RDP is more detailed than the visual information. RDP allows data to be transferred more efficiently and speedier. This is due to the fact that RDP isn’t limited to sharing desktops or sharing resources of the computer being targeted by using various profiles.

  1. Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a different desktop-sharing option built on a protocol that is known as RFB. It allows its users to control computers remotely, while the user who is the primary one can monitor what’s happening on the computer.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is built on the concept of pixels. This means that the software rarely is involved in the graphic layout. It increases its flexibility more efficiently. This approach is most commonly utilized in technical support or educational reasons too.

VNC vs RDP: Similarities & Differences

Similarities Between VNC and RDP

  • Each VNC and RDP permit users to connect to remote desktops.
  • Both tools and technologies require the client and server-side software to support communication.
  • Both of the tools are built on the peer-to-peer model of communication. It allows you to join a distant system without difficulty.
  • Both of these tools provide secure access, help with software, and let administrators control users.

The differences between remote and VNC desktops you need to be aware of:

VNC vs XRDP: screen sharing capabilities

Both the administrator and user on the desktop system are able to be able to see the screen of the user simultaneously. This makes VNC an ideal option to hold hands during sessions like educational demonstrations remote customer service and so on.

On the other hand, users using RDP cannot share screens. When assigning different users’ profiles, you can make use of Remote Desktop Protocol to share any resources you wish to share to share on your server.

VNC Performance vs RDP performance

Similar to the other tools, Remote Desktop Protocol is an efficient and fast tool to use virtualization. It’s because RDP has an instruction set smaller. It will use lesser bandwidth compared to the amount required to transfer pixels via VNC. Ultimately, RDP enhances network efficiency. These benefits provide RDP with the ideal choice for virtualization.

Platform-independence RDP

Well VNC is a platform-independent tool. It is true that RDP will soon catch up. Since framebuffers are components of nearly all operating systems, the user experience of VNC is identical to all of the operating systems you prefer. It is because the tool is platform-independent. On the other hand, it is impossible to overlook this fact: RDP also has taken significant progress to become Operating System inclusive, even though its applications of it aside from Windows aren’t yet as mature when compared to VNC.


RDP is more secure when compared to VNC. It’s because RDP has the capability of supporting SSL and TLS and also comes with improved security features with each update. But, earlier versions of this software were susceptible to security vulnerabilities. However, most of these security flaws have been addressed in a later version of RDP.

On the contrary, VNC doesn’t come up with an effective security solution. This is due to the fact that VNC gives all access to desktops remotely for users.

Quick tool comparability:

Tools Name Speed Can run on different OS Main Use Case Channel for security
VNC Slow Linux, macOS, Windows Screen sharing platform SSH tunnel
RDP Fast Linux, Android, Windows, macOS Platform for sharing resources SSL/TLS


Working at home is the latest standard at present. However, individuals work on different devices and operating systems. Thus, the need for cross-platform communications is on the rise at present. This is why VNC and RDP appear to be the best option in this case.

If you’re trying to decide the right option between VNC or RDP the main choice is based on the one that will meet your needs. Therefore, you must know what are looking for from the remote desktop access platform and then make a plan for it.


What is the best time to utilize VNC?

The VNC cross-platform program runs on any operating system. This makes it a fantastic option for environments that are functional.

What are the best times to make use of RDP?

RDP is a native remote connection technique that is available to connect to Windows applications only. If you’re looking for greater efficiency and speedier accessibility, RDP is going to be your best option for this purpose.

Do I have the option of switching between VNC as well as RDP?

Have you got an existing script written using one connection method? You are able to switch between the methods to run the test in the same manner. Remember that both programs use different methods of capturing screens, which means you need to capture new images every time.

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