How to Convert PNG to PDF Online for Free

The ability to convert PNG to PDF online has grown in popularity over the years, and it’s not hard to see why! Why pay someone to convert your PNGs when you can do it yourself online, at no cost? If you need your PNG files converted, here are some of the best ways to convert PNG to PDF online, quickly and easily! Here are 5 tips on how to convert PNG to PDF online for free.

Get a free file converter

The first thing you should do is find a free file converter. A few free file converters are available, with Adobe Acrobat being one of the most popular and trusted choices. Follow these steps:
1) Download the free converter software.

2) Import your desired image file by clicking on File, then Open.

3) Select PNG or JPEG and click on Open. Note that depending on the type of output you want, select either PDF or JPEG. If you need the image to be viewed in color, choose JPEG. If you need it in black and white, choose PDF. Click Save after choosing an option.

Upload your images

Select Upload a file or Browse your files and then find the image that you would like to convert. Click on it, and then click Open. You can upload up to five images at a time. On the next page, scroll down and press Next Step. On the following page, type in a name for your document, choose whether you want an ID number or password protection (or both), set formatting preferences, and give it a title. After this, you will be asked what size you would like the PDF to be. If your resolution is 300dpi or less, select Standard Size; if it is over 300dpi, select Print Size; if not sure about the resolution of your images, select Custom Size. Press Finish after making these choices. Your document will now open up in Acrobat Reader.

Download your file

Download the file after conversion. Follow this link and drag and drop your file into the box labeled Drop your image here. Choose a destination directory, input a destination filename, and click on Convert. You will then be able to download your new converted file. When you open it in Acrobat Reader, you will notice that all of the colors have been preserved with no color banding or pixelation. Additionally, any text contained within the original file is now searchable.
A more professional option would be to purchase software such as Adobe Photoshop and save files as .pdfs from there. Another good choice is using a website such as PDF Converter, which also allows you to convert many different types of files at once. There are plenty of free online programs like PNG2PDF which allow users to convert their images quickly and easily while not compromising quality or function.

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