The 5 Best PDF Editors for Mac

Whether you’re sharing documents with your team, collecting feedback, or simply archiving files for later use, Sodapdf are an excellent way to keep important information in one convenient place. However, editing PDFs on Mac can be difficult if you don’t have the right tool for the job. The good news is that there are several free and paid solutions out there that can help you modify PDFs easily and intuitively from your Mac desktop. Here are five of the best!

1) Adorage

Adorage is a powerful and easy-to-use yet capable PDF editor for the Mac. It’s packed with features that make editing documents and presentations quick and easy, including changes to fonts, pictures, images, layouts, adding equations, tables, and clipart. Adorage also offers an impressive range of ready-made templates that allow you to create PDFs from blank pages, posters, or business cards.

2) DjVuLibre

DjVuLibre is a free and open-source software suite that allows users to create, convert, edit, and view DjVu documents. DjVuLibre is written in the Java programming language with some native libraries to achieve speed gains. It can be compiled to run on any operating system that has a Java Virtual Machine installed.

3) Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a great option because it’s free, and provides a lot of great features to easily edit your PDFs. It also has an iOS app available.
Adobe Acrobat is another option that’s popular with most people because it’s easy to use and you have access to premium features like search, password protection, and watermarking.
iWork offers some great editing options as well with its advanced tools like interactive diagrams and shapes, and the ability to create new pages.

4) SumatraPDF

SumatraPDF is a lightweight and open-source PDF viewer that doesn’t come with as many features as other viewers. However, this also means it’s much lighter on your computer, uses less RAM, and has a smaller file size. Its design is basic and very simple to use–especially if you’re used to the clutter of Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader. It supports both single-page views and thumbnails which make it easy to find pages in large documents or hard-to-read scans.

5) Apple Preview

Preview is the native viewing app that comes on every Mac. It allows you to view, search, and markup PDFs without the need for any other applications. It’s powerful and easy to use, even if it doesn’t allow you to create or edit documents in quite the same way as other apps. If you’re looking for a no-frills PDF viewer, this should be your go-to application.

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