Igtools: Get Free Likes, Followers, and Views on Instagram (updated for 2022)!

How do you get free likes, followers, and views on Instagram? For many people, it’s an important part of doing business online. The right number of followers can help boost your credibility, and the right number of likes can indicate whether or not you’re sharing content that people like to see. There are several popular websites out there that provide this service for free (with some caveats), but many of them aren’t well-kept secrets anymore. This article offers an alternative – one that will keep working in 2022, even after many others have stopped!

How igtool Works

IGtool allows you to generate your own legitimate likes, followers, views, and likes on any post or picture you want. You just have to set up an account with their website to begin gaining momentum in social media. Once logged in IGtool will walk you through a series of questions that get it prepared to work its magic. The first question is if you want to do a random action or select specific pictures; the second is what type of like or follower actions are you looking for.

The third question sets how many likes/followers will be put onto each post/picture which all caps at 300. The fourth question has you enter the number of seconds the action should take place while fifth asks how many followers/likes you would like to gain per day. Finally, there is an option where you can either schedule this process for later or start right away. It may sound confusing but once Igtool walks you through every step it becomes much more manageable!

The first question is if you want to do a random action or select specific pictures; the second is what type of like or follower actions are you looking for. Thirdly, there’s a question about how many likes/followers will be put onto each post/picture which all caps at 300. Fourthly, after entering the amount of time it should take place and how many followers/likes you would like to gain per day, IGtool lets you decide whether or not to start right away, delay until another time, or finish now.

So if you’re looking for a way to increase your popularity on Instagram, IGtool is the perfect tool for you! When asked how long it takes to complete the process, IGtool states It typically takes 5-10 minutes per 100 posts/pictures, so expect 1-2 hours total. After choosing to start right away or postpone until later, you will then be asked to log in again before hitting continue. If you choose to finish now, you must restart by logging back into your account before hitting continue. From here, IGtool walks you through a series of options such as what post should I promote? followed by an image selection screen. There’s also an option to choose what kind of edit style they want applied before posting it – normal photo color only or dark filter effects.

How to Use IGtool

  1. Sign up with email or account credentials to use the tool.
  2.  Start by selecting what type of service you need; for example, followers, and views.
  3.  Choose your country as well as the countries where you want likes/followers/views from- after that upload a photo from your computer!
  4.  Select your desired package and number of likes/follows/views- then place your order!
  5.  After making payment you will receive a receipt email- confirm it to get started
  6.  You can also choose to post right away or schedule your post in advance- do this at the Post Your Content tab
  7.  You can also see how many people have already purchased packages before you
  8. Click Buy and follow the steps.
  9.  Click Payment confirmation to start a purchase.
  10.  You are all set now! Your new likes/followers/views are waiting for you under My Purchases
  11.  Now you can scroll through your posts and find the ones that you would like to promote using your new services.
  12.  Scroll down to Promote.
  13.  Here is where you select which service you would like to use.
  14.  Choose from one of the three options.
  15.  Now adding posts to the queue helped me build my following so much faster! This app makes boosting posts super easy! IGtool helped me reach more people with my music! If you want to take advantage of these services now, make sure to download the latest version of IGtool here. Downloading is completely free and takes less than five minutes to install. Just remember that we have updated pricing plans starting from only $5 per month.

Best Practices with IGtool

-Likes–Starting a few days after your profile launch date is best. Aim to have at least 100 likes before posting anything! The more likes you start with the better! For example, if your account was created in October 2019, it would be best to aim for 500 likes around November 2nd of that year.

Check out our helpful guide below to see the steps we took to grow our page! -Followers–Following people who have the same interests as you is one of the fastest ways to gain followers. IGtool’s top recommendation is following anyone who has posted a picture within 24 hours of you; most people do not make an account with any intention of using it, so this strategy has a high success rate.

Following someone who liked your latest post is also a good way to increase your follower count. When you follow someone they are notified, and when they log into their account they will be able to view your posts and decide whether or not they want to follow back. So if you like somebody’s posts or are interested in their niche then it would be worth following them first and then waiting for them to decide whether or not they want to follow back.

IGTool guarantees all users 5% new followers per day! When done correctly this method can yield hundreds of new followers every week, which will only help boost up other aspects of Instagram such as engagement levels. If someone does not wish to follow back, it may be due to their feed being private or because they’re simply too busy. If the person follows back and there’s no reply after 12 hours of sending them a message asking if they received the request, then it means that either the request didn’t go through properly or there could’ve been some sort of technical error.

Try again by resending the request, or just give up and keep trying. There’s no point in wasting time messaging these types of accounts, as they will never read your messages. -Views–It is possible to get free views by inviting friends and family members but this process can take months to complete. An alternative option is earning views by visiting pages you find interesting or making valuable comments on photos.

Once you’ve found a photo that interests you, try commenting on it with something insightful or relevant about the subject matter in order to get the attention of the user who uploaded the photo. A similar idea for videos would be liking videos, liking comment replies, and leaving honest feedback about how much you enjoyed watching it. Make sure that when doing these activities you interact with others instead of spamming every single comment/video with promotional material about yourself.

Comments should be on-topic and provide some form of substance, not just a simple Nice! or good job. It’s also important to note that the more genuine interactions you have with other users, the greater your chances of developing a relationship with them. This is particularly important for gaining a larger number of followers, who tend to stick around for longer periods of time.

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