3 Simple Steps to Cancel Your McAfee Subscription

3 Simple Steps to Cancel Your McAfee Subscription

McAfee is the world’s leading computer security software, but it isn’t cheap. If you don’t like McAfee or can’t afford it anymore, how do you cancel your subscription? That’s why we created this article to walk you through canceling your McAfee subscription safely and easily. It only takes three simple steps!

Step 1: Visit the Account Page

Visit the McAfee account page and sign in with your email and password. Once you’re signed in, search for your product (click the View products link on the upper left) and look for the name of your subscription. After you find it, click on Manage my subscription. You’ll now see a list of all your subscriptions. Scroll down to the bottom where there is an option that says Cancel this subscription. Step 2: Choose a Reason: On this screen, select why you want to cancel and then click on Next. Step 3: Confirm Cancellation Request: Now scroll down again until you see the confirmation button. Click on Cancel Subscription and confirm one last time! Now, your cancellation has been processed and will take effect at the end of your billing period.

Step 2: Click Unsubscribe

2) Click on Unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. A popup will appear with a list of ways in which you can unsubscribe: Change Recurrence, Cancel Recurring Payment, and Change Automatic Renewal. 3) Select what you need from the drop-down menu and enter your password when prompted. An email will be sent confirming your cancellation for your records. You may also see an offer for a new McAfee product. You may not want to subscribe or change your credit card information so if this happens just click No Thanks and cancel the subscription process. If you have any questions about the cancellation process please contact McAfee support. A video is posted below that shows how to cancel your McAfee subscription. If you are having trouble viewing it, here is a screenshot of what is shown on the screen when canceling the subscription.

Step 3: Confirm

Once you’ve finished canceling your subscription, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. 1) You will not be charged any additional cancellation fees or reactivation fees for future billing cycles. 2) The length of your cancellation depends on the billing cycle you’re currently in: 3 months = 7 days, 6 months = 20 days, 12 months = 60 days. 3) We won’t bill you again after we receive notification that the process has been completed and we confirm the change on our end. 4) After these time periods have passed, your credit card may still show an auto-renewal charge at the time of renewal. However, these charges won’t go through since you already canceled your subscription and we will cancel them manually before they renew. If you do happen to see a pending charge for McAfee’s renewal, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can remove it from your account immediately. These types of cancellations should take no more than 48 hours to complete. We hope this blog post helps and gives you some peace of mind knowing that your McAfee protection is taken care of!

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