Miswebmail (Managed Internet Service webmail)

Miswebmail (Managed Internet Service webmail)

Here is a brief overview of MISWEBMAIL (Managed Internet Service Webmail founded by Queensland State Government in Australia.

What is MisWebmail?

The government of Queensland, Australia introduced the free online quality education system called MIS Webmail for the people of only Queensland state. MISwebmail stands for the Managed Internet Service webmail and it collaborated with the schools of Queensland to coordinate students data.

What is the main purpose of Miswebmail?

The primary objective of the Miswebmail is to provide everyone with quality online education free of charge in a form of video lectures, courses, training, and tests, etc. It covered almost every field of education that is teaching in schools of Queensland and some charges are applied on extra services like textbooks, participation in sports carnivals, school photos, and magazines, etc.

The government of Australia wanted to establish a more effective, efficient, and affordable education system through MISwebmail with a pollution-free environment and low total investment and operational cost.

How does MIS Webmail operate?

The government of Australia gave funds to the administration of Queensland who managed all the functions, checks, and balances of this platform (MISwebmail). The management of MISwebmail hires top trainers, teachers, or instructors for every subject and field of education to design courses or tutorials and place polished content into the official website of MIS webmail for everyone.

They asked to create a special email of MIS webmail by adding username and password to the official website and it is a very important and essential element of this system because students use this email for identification, learning, and communication course.

How to Login or create a new MIS Webmail account?

There’re a few simple steps you have to follow to get your MISWebmail account login successfully.

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website webmail.eq.edu.au. for MISWebmail account.
  • The second mandatory step is to put the username and password of your MIS webmail and check the terms and conditions before clicking the Sign In button.
  • Some users faced a common problem here when they forgot their username or password and unable to get access to website pages.
  • In this case, you have to sign in with your Google or Microsoft account and create a brand new QG (Queensland Government) account to get complete access to the MIS webmail portal.
  • After logging in with a normal Google account you need to add your email, username, password, and cell phone.
  • By adding the information above and clicking on the agreed and continue button, you will get the verification code by Miswebmail on your email or cell phone.
  • Simply copy and paste that verification code to ensure a user is genuine and authentic.
  • Congratulation, you’re all done. Now, you know your username and password. So, you can log in quickly with MIS webmail.

Process of user identification in Miswebmail

It is very crucial to know about every user’s level and educational background to recommend new learning stuff and observe their activities by the system. MIS webmail has a simple online form that every user needs to fill to complete the identification process.

  • The 1st step is to put your date of birth and your full name to show your identity.
  • The next step is for the documents, click and upload all your required documents especially those issued by the government.
  • Keep in mind that each document has a few points and you must be gained 100 points in order to complete the identification process of MIS webmail.
  • After completing the documentation section, a form will appear with multiple and possible options of fields and subjects. In case you’re confused and unable to finalize a specific path or field for yourself then click on the “HINT” option, you will get some effective suggestions by MIS webmail on this step to select an appropriate field.
  • Later, they’ll demand you to verify all the documents, whether your credentials are real or fake. You can confirm this by matching the reference number of each document.
  • By completing successfully all the mentioned steps above, you’ll get the confirmation email and able to use the platform of MIS webmail successfully.
  • But if you miss or add any incorrect information mistakenly, the system will highlight and take you to the previous page where it found the error. So that you can correct to execute the process.

How to Reset (LUI) MISWebmail Password?

The government of Queensland guides students and corporate users to use strong passwords for their Miswebmail accounts to protect them from hacking.

There’re many people who got complications while forgetting their passwords. So, instead of creating a new account, here’s the solution to change or reset your password.

If you have forgotten a password, you have two ways to get it back. The first method is to reset your password through the date of birth that you entered while creating an MISWebmail account. The second option is to give the platform your username. Below, you will find the interpretation of both methods. 

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official MISwebmail website.
  • Then you should use your date of birth as a password and following instructions you’ll successfully log in to your MIS webmail account.
  • Another way to login into your account is by adding the username and clicking on the forget password button.
  • Below you’ll find two options links. Do you want to get a confirmation code Via Email and Via SMS? Select the one that appropriates to you.
  • Now if you checked via SMS method then wait for a while and you’ll find an OTP code to create a new password.
  • If you chose the email option, then you should open your new email and you’ll get the link to change the password.
  • It would be better for you to write the new password in your mobile or diary to see it whenever you forget and always use a good combination of Alphabet and numbers for a strong password.

Customer Support

If you find any error in log in or changing the password or creating a new account, here are the official contacts of the Education department. You can get all the essential information and discuss the problem to figure out a solution. Furthermore, you can approach them via email.

Queensland Department of Education Help-line Number

MIS and EQ Address PO Box 15033 CITY EAST QLD 4002
Street address 30 Mary Street BRISBANE QLD 4000
Phone Number 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
TTY users telephone 133 677, then ask for 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
Speak Speech Speak This 1300 555 727 Also and call this (13 74 68) number to find out more.)
SMS Relay 0423 677 767 and ask for 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

What is the MIS Webmail gateway?

There are many states in Australia but if we talk about particularly Queensland then there’re a lot of educational institutions in Queensland, including Queensland public schools or government schools and many more. Thousands of students are studying in these schools.

All the students get their assigned homework and other tasks daily through MIS webmail gateway and managed Internet services provide data of the students who are enrolled there to these schools. They learn and communicate online and their data delivered through the MIS webmail official website.

 Services provided by Miswebmail:

  • They deal with different apps
  • They’re operating department of education
  • They have a mandatory induction program
  • They have exclusive infrastructure and grant funding programs
  • Kindergarten programs
  • Transition to School

Difference between MIS webmail and EQ Webmail

MIS (Managed Internet Service) Webmail offering free online education to Queensland pupils on various subjects in a form of video courses, training, and tutorials, etc.

EQ webmail stands for Education Queensland webmail that is also funded by the government of Australia. Queensland State got its independence in 1859 from New South Wales, and later in 1875, a new act was introduced that enabled the free schooling system under the government of Australia.

So EQ will contain the essential tools and data for small businesses with the prime focus in mind that it will provide a quality education through online tutorials. This will help to use various technology tools to control businesses from the website.

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