Lamora Williams, who is an Atlanta native, became the talk of the town in October 2017. Lamora Williams isn’t a well-known Hollywood or an established politician, so why was Lamora the subject of debate?

The mom of just four children, Lamora has been charged with murdering her two sons who are the youngest. Yes, you heard this!

According to reports that she brutally killed her two children by placing the two children in an oven before then turning it up to high temperature. The horrifying incident occurred on the 13th of October, 2017. According to the autopsy report the children were inside the oven to be heated for a lengthy time. Continue reading for more details about Lamora Williams’s story.

Mental Health Issues

According to Lamora Williams the family of Lamora Williams Lamora Williams’ family, she’s suffered from psychological issues since childhood. She also suffered from postpartum depression and severe mental illness following her separation from her father’s sons.

Tabitha Hollingsworth, Lamora’s sister claimed that Lamora’s sister was suffering from severe behavior as well as mental issues from her early years and even tried suicide.

Mother, Brenda Williams, even stated that her daughter was prone to be slow in her learning, and was even removed from public schools and then homeschooled.

Lamora Williams’ Mother Asked For Her Kids’ Custody

Lamora Williams was only 17 when her baby was born she had a daughter. Her father was the family that supported her when she was caring for the baby.

Following that, Lamora came into a romantic relationship with Jameel Penn, with who she had three children. Their relationship ended in the year 2017. However, Jameel Penn continued supporting Lamora financially as well as physically, to help take care of the children.

When the two were separated, Brenda Williams, Lamora Williams’ mother, attempted to obtain custody of the children. She even contacted officials from the Division of Family and Children Services to inform them about her mental health issues and even claimed her daughter was not providing adequate food to her children.

Lamora Called Her Close Friend Neesa Smith

It was on the 13th of October, 2017, that Neesa Smith a close friend of Lamora Williams, got a message from Lamora. Lamora seemed to be severely depressed, and she told Nessa she was unable to continue to do this anymore. She also told her friend about the deaths of her two sons who were her youngest Ja’Karter, 1-year-old. Ke-Yaunte aged two years.

Neesa demanded Lamora for her to dial 911 to then call officers to apologize for her crimes. But, she then called video Jameel Penn to inform him that the children were dead.

It was a major surprise to Penn to find his sons’ bodies lying on the ground. After seeing the dead children they were dead, he immediately called the police.

Lamora Blamed Her Cousin For Her Kids’ Murder

Lamora made contact with the police and informed them that she had left her children with her cousin, and when she returned home, she discovered her children dead.

The cops were informed that one child was being held in a “pulled over” oven, that both kids had been burned and that “brains were on the floor.”

In the beginning, she told the operator of 911 that she did not know who had killed her children. Then, she put the fault on her sister who was responsible for the murder. Then, she claimed her sister killed the kids. She was unclear, and was making false claims.

Lamora repeatedly told police she did not want to be in jail because she wasn’t in her home when her children passed away.

Lamora Williams Was Accused Of Murder In 2018

According to the prosecution, Lamora deliberately burned her two sons in order to conceal the truth about how she killed the two boys. Her mother, Brenda Williams admitted that her daughter was responsible for the murder but she also admitted that her daughter was struggling with problems with mental illness.

In addition to the murder of a victim, Lamora has been charged with other offenses, including making false statements, assault with a purpose, and concealing a death.

There is no confirmation of whether the case was a success or Lamora is found innocent. Because she suffers from severe mental health issues, there is the odds are high that the judge may not have found her able to stand trial, and she may be ordered for medical treatment for her mental health issues.

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