The Scorned Woman's Fury A Rage-Fueled Memoir about a Marriage-Ending Affair
The Scorned Woman's Fury A Rage-Fueled Memoir about a Marriage-Ending Affair

The Scorned Woman’s Fury: A Rage-Fueled Memoir about a Marriage-Ending Affair

My marriage was experiencing some difficulties in its second year. But I didn’t expect my husband to have an affair with the woman who lived down the hall from me. After hearing them have sex in their bedroom, I learned about the affair. He had said he would be late so I returned home early to listen at the door.

The Beginning

It was time. My marriage ended in the late 1990s. After a long and unhappy marriage, I divorced my first husband. Here I was, in a new relationship with another man who wanted to marry me again and have children. It seemed too early to me. But maybe at this stage in your life, it doesn’t really matter if you decide to get married again. Perhaps that was only true if you were twenty years old.
The Marriage-Ending Affair (continued). I wouldn’t be one of those women who see marriage as an easy solution to their problems, no matter if it was with someone else.

The End

Her marriage, her relationship with her children, and the cause of the Marriage-Ending Affair were all destroyed by her affair. The only thing that is left is her rage at the man who took everything from her. She won’t forgive him for the things he did and swears to God that she will do all she can to make his life miserable if they ever meet again. She says he deserves it for the pain he caused her. He must pay for the suffering and pain he caused to everyone around him.

There’s plenty of room between

When she was in her late twenties, and still living in Kentucky, the affair started. Both had good jobs and had just purchased their first home. But the future was not certain. They wanted to start a family but it wasn’t happening as fast as they wanted. He was pregnant when he admitted to cheating on her and his coworker. They both agreed infidelity was grounds for divorce and attempted to make things work for their unborn child. After three years of fighting, it was called Marriage-Ending Affair. She learned about another affair from her brother who heard him gushing about it at dinner.

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