Twitter TeamTrump PotusMorsemashable
Twitter TeamTrump PotusMorsemashable

Twitter TeamTrump PotusMorsemashable

Trump Donald Trump is using social media to advance his agenda and engaging in a manner unlike any president previously done before. On the morning of Monday, the president tweeted an image titled “Trump against. Clinton: The Truth,” which was created by Right Wing News, a media outlet for Trump supporters that regularly publish content on the President’s Twitter account. The video includes videos of Trump saying that he’s open to accepting the results of the election even if he loses, however not when he won.”

“Donald Trump is tweeting out another anti-Hillary Clinton video entitled “Trump Vs. Clinton: The Truth in the Twitter takeover.”

The video, uploaded via Right Wing News on Saturday and called “Trump against. Clinton: The Truth.” The video begins with a video of Trump saying he’d like to be able to see Clinton behind bars and then continues to show clips from her previous political career, such as one where she said that the majority of Trump supporters are racist or racist.

The video cuts to a picture that shows Donald Trump’s face, superimposed on an image of Clinton in prison smocks (which is almost as scary as it could sound). The whole thing closes with an announcement that states this election will decide if there is freedom or oppression for generations to come.

“The video was made in the name of Right Wing News, a pro-Trump media outlet which frequently publishes content on the Twitter account of President Trump.”

The video was produced in the name of Right Wing News, a pro-Trump media outlet that frequently post content to the President’s Twitter account.

The president has frequently used Twitter as a method to promote his agenda as well as gain approval for his policies. This is especially true after his inauguration in January 2017 when he began a series of short videos posted on Twitter that showed him signing executive orders, as well as other decisions related to healthcare reform and immigration reform (which was later implemented into law).

“The video includes videos of Trump declaring he’s happy to take the outcome of the election even if he loses, however not if he won.”

The video contains footage of Trump declaring that he’d be willing to accept the outcome of the election in the event of a loss, but not if he prevails.

Trump has sent a string of tweets regarding the presidential election:

  • “I am completely ok with these results from this amazing, historic, and significant presidential election.” (June 16, 2016)
  • “If I win, I will accept it completely.” (August 8.)

“The video concludes with Trump declaring ‘we want to be different as well as instructing viewers on how to be involved in his presidential campaign.”

  • If you’re looking to get involved in the campaign of Donald Trump There are a variety of options to participate. You can make a donation or join his campaign team.
  • If you’d like to contribute money, but you’re not sure if the amount would fit in your budget, there’s a helpful tool available on the Trump website that gives estimates of the cost would be per month should he be elected president (he’s currently in the 41st percentile).
  • Volunteers can also be a huge asset. And they’re not just for the time of voting helping by canvassing and banking on the phone can in spreading the message about the need for change.

Trump President Donald Trump is using social media to promote his agenda.

Social media is an excellent method to communicate your message to a broad public.

The President’s Twitter account is @realDonaldTrump and is followed by more than 24 million people. The president tweets about issues such as healthcare and immigration at any time during the week, frequently focusing the spotlight on himself as he pushes his agenda. This could lead to tension when tweets are made about issues such as gender equality or race issues or use profane language in his tweets- like this one in which he pokes snide remarks about John McCain for being captured in Vietnam: “I like people who didn’t get captured.”


President Trump has used Twitter to direct his messages to the people he follows since May 2015. He utilized it again in his most recent video. It’s not the first time Trump has utilized social media platforms for promoting his views or to attack opponents. He also has done it on other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

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