How do I download Youtube shorts from your PC to 2022?

How do I download Youtube shorts from your PC to 2023?

In the wake of the growth of platforms for short videos like Tiktok, Moj, and Instagram Reels, Google also unveiled YouTube services for shorts. In this service, the YouTube maker can create and upload videos that are 15 seconds or less using the platform for transmission. YouTube generally lets users download videos for offline viewing However, unfortunately, this feature isn’t yet fully compatible with YouTube short videos.

There is a second option that lets you save YouTube Shorts movies. While downloading YouTube shorts via third-party applications and websites is not a cost but it’s not allowed by law. Like downloading YouTube videos Downloading Shorts videos blocks content producers from making the money. But, if you need to we’ll teach you the best way to store YouTube Shorts videos for out-of-line watching on mobile devices.

The format of short videos is popular, so it’s not a surprise that YouTube became a participant in the short video game. YouTube launched its YouTube Shorts function that allows users to load short videos and make videos of

How can I Download the YouTube Shorts video? YouTube Shorts video

  1. Install the YouTube app on your phone.
  2. Check out the shorts category. On the lower side, you will find it just below the start symbol.
  3. Click on the share icon and then select “Copy link.”
  4. Use a browser to start that will allow you to download following that.
  5. Go to YouTube Shorts Downloader and copy the YouTube Shorts video URL into the “Small your video link here” box.
  6. Click search and scroll toward the bottom to view the shorter YouTube video formats you can download.
  7. For downloading the YouTube video onto your device, click”Download” to download the video on your device “Download” button next to the format you want to download. How to Download YouTube Shorts Video to Your Computer

Download Youtube shorts for Android and iOS

In the same way you can download videos from YouTube to various computer operating systems. You could also do this via your mobile or tablet device.

If you own either an Android or iOS device The same location that we discussed above can also download your short videos for tablets or mobile phones.

  1. Visit the YouTube shorts downloader webpage on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Go to the YouTube application and select “Share” on the right side of the screen after which click “Copy link.”
  3. Go back to the download page and copy the link. Like before, choose the video quality you want to download, and then select “Get the video.”
  4. After that, you can then click “Download.”

Frequently Asked Questions?

What exactly are YouTube shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a service that lets you create and view short videos like Instagram Reels, Moj App, Tiktok, and others. YouTube users can use the service on any device, including smartphones, tablets or laptop computers. Creators have access to the Media Library and also use the timer, speed controls as well as other tools for editing the 15-second video.

Who is able to make videos from YouTube shorts?

Anyone who has a Google login and an account on YouTube is able to create and share YouTube Shorts YouTube videos.

Can we distribute YouTube Shorts videos without downloading them?

It is easy to send the URLs of YouTube Shorts videos via WhatsApp or email. You can also share links to YouTube Shorts videos via Instagram DM, LinkedIn, and Twitter private messages.

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